Walker finds a little extra breathing room

I am told, and I have to be told, because I won’t listen to them, that the squawkers are distancing themselves. Bader started it. Someone mentioned Belling expects Neumann to win the primary?

Oh, come on guys, tell me more! It will kill me if I have to listen to the podcasts.


  1. You’ll have to listen to the podcasts, cuz I don’t listen either….

  2. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    I tried to listen this afternoon, but I had to pull over to the side of the road.

  3. I forced myself to listen a bit this evening to both (Belling and Sykes) of their podcasts. My reward for this punishment is being delivered shortly: a Culver’s sundae. 🙂

    This is what I heard. (Are these 2 friends or enemies? Their content is strikingly, creepily similar.) The gist of their spiel was that weak and stupid GOP voters are being manipulated by those crafty Dems who are driving voters to Mark Neumann because he is the ‘weaker’ candidate.

    Walker is being ‘double teamed’ by adverse advertising against him by Barrett, and very positive ads that Neumann is running. Poor Scott is in a corner and can’t get out. He can’t go negative against Neumann; he can’t put his focus to Barrett and take his eye off Neumann.

    They both, in their Wiley Coyote way deflected the focus of the discussion of Walker’s latest buffoonery, the exposed Letter to the Editor linking him to the same ‘Pelosi’ bill that he tried to smear Neumann with, to the issue of poor Scott will lose because of Neumann and Barrett’s advertising. Oh, and those Democrats controlling the minds of conservative voters to vote for the ‘weaker’ candidate. (Uhm, read the latest Rasmussen poll and digest the internals.)

    I believe Belling is the one that said, ‘Without regard to whether the ad was fair or not’…: and went on to ignore the entire Pelosi ad that has backfired against Walker, as a set up for a discussion about his own (Belling’s) brilliance in political strategy.

    NO acknowledgment of Walker’s own lack recollection of his support of this spending or incredibly incompetent research staff was made by either guy.

    Both made a disclaimer that Neumann COULD win the primary. Belling went on for some time, blah,blah, blah, about his superior outside the box thinking to defy conventional wisdom that Walker should win and meandered to the potential conclusion that Neumann could win because of weak-thinking voters listening to positive advertising by Neumann. Seriously, his logic was as convoluted as my last sentence.

    Belling did come out with a stronger warning that Neumann really could win the primary. Sykes seemed to be less able to utter those words.

    Sykes did give kudos to the Neumann campaign for their immediate response to the Pelosi ad. A ‘Hats off to the Neumann folks.’ was heard just prior to his opine on why poor Walker could lose because he had to spend all his money to go against both candidates. With great irony, he then went on to chastise Neumann supporters for saying Walker was going negative, saying ‘Man up, get over it.’ as the general election would be really dirty.

    Don’t know if their acknowledging Neumann could win was observation, a strategy to frighten their base, or somewhat of an admission/realization that Walker could actually lose on Tuesday.

    That’s my wrap.

  4. You are a gem, RL, and you certainly earned that sundae. Thanks so much.

  5. “Weak thinking?” “Weak and stupid GOP voter?” I like those. I have to find a way to put ’em on my ego wall….

  6. John Sawyer says:

    I think it’s hilarious that Walker’s biggest cheerleader – Jay Weber – is on vacation for this week and next. Maybe he saw this coming?

    Jerry Bott took over for him, and Bott is much more level-headed.