Recapping the candidates’ day on the road

Both Republican gubernatorial candidates were on the road today. I thought we’d go through their Twitter accounts and see how it went.

From @scottkwalker: There were a couple of pictures of the bus today. He had a number of stops.

Green Bay
Grand Chute
Fond du Lac
Beaver Dam
Union Grove

His account boasts, “HUGE crowds tonight in Racine & Union Grove!!!” The only photo of the day, though, comes from Grand Chute.

Mark Neumann, @strongwisconsin, was out and about the state today, too.




Green Bay


Hope Walker puts out more photos tomorrow!


  1. Gee, I thought Walker would be the winner since he didn’t have huge crowds, he had HUGE crowds.

    Oh, wait, three’s a crowd, isn’t it?

  2. Walker was also on the news complaining that he’s being besieged from all sides. Tom Barrett, Jim Doyle, and Mark Neumann….they’re all out to get Scott Walker, at least according to Walker.

    That doesn’t sound like the rhetoric of a man who’s confident he’s going to win on Tuesday; it’s the rhetoric of a man who’s legitimately worried.

  3. John Sawyer says:

    WBAY’s news report says he only had 6 stops… you show 7 (and I’m too lazy to compare them to see which one you have extra):

    … watch the next video in the queue also … Neumann’s business plan for Wisconsin