Sensenbrenner called again

This time he wants me to vote for Scott Walker.

Now, silly me, I blipped the answering machine before I heard the whole thing, but was Sensenbrenner really getting ready to say that Mark Neumann voted in congress with Nancy Pelosi?

Oh, please. Tell me that’s what he said. Because that would mean Sensenbrenner has decided to go down with Walker’s sinking ship.

I’ll be.

Oh wait! He sent me an e-mail, too. I’d say WISGOP is freaking.

From the Desk of Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner…


Over the last few days, you have been hearing a lot about Mark Neumann’s vote for pork barrel spending in Congress.

Let me set the record straight. I served with Mark Neumann.

Mark Neumann voted ‘yes’ for $9 billion in pork projects when he was in Congress. He voted ‘yes’ to wasteful transportation spending.

I voted against that bill because it was full of waste and payoff to special interests. Like me, Scott Walker opposed the bill and the 9 billion of wasteful spending.

That’s why I am voting for Scott Walker. He’s the conservative choice for governor.

Would you consider volunteering for Scott to help us spread his message and get out the vote on September 14th?

Scott Walker has cut spending, held line on property taxes, reduced debt, and made his county government smaller.

If you want lower taxes and less government, I hope you’ll join me in voting for this Tuesday for the conservative candidate for Governor, Scott Walker. You can go here to find your polling place, and here to tell your friends about why we are voting for Scott.

Thank you for all you do for Scott, and check out this radio ad featuring my support for Scott


Jim Sensenbrenner

So why the bad blood between Neumann and Sensenbrenner?


  1. Is that what desperation smells like?

    If Walker opposed the bill, why did he choose to use the word ‘support’ in his letter? This is all a frantic effort at deflection over the original very negative advertisement by Walker.

    They could all go down. What makes people turn into politicians like this? Or do they start out that way?

  2. I am assuming this is the call

  3. Sounds very close. Thanks.

  4. I have to vent. The Republicans are tying up my phone with constant robocalls. Sometimes minutes apart. I’m letting the machine answer them all and then I’m deleting them. I’ll vote for the weakest Republican candidates I can think of just to get back. I wish they’d stop making these calls, they are so annoying. At least the Democrats came door to door, and had a nice, long chat. So did one of the Republican candidates for the all Republican race for state assembly, the only one who made personal contact. Of course, I’ll vote for that gentleman.

  5. Cindy,

    You don’t think Neumann actually has a shot do you? The real debate, it seems to me based upon all of the pundits, is whether Walker will win by 15 or 30 points.

    If Neumann makes it closer than that, I will be surprised.

  6. Of course! That’s why all the squawkers are distancing themselves as quickly as possible. I was stuck in a car with Belling on earlier today and he kept going on and on about screaming children in a restaurant. We’re five days from a hotly contested Republican primary, and he’s talking about loud babies.

    Go figure.

  7. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Deeply dissapointing, Congressman Sensenbrenner.

  8. John Sawyer says:

    Sensenbrenner has consistently had a strong fiscal conservative record and often was just under Neumann’s fiscal ratings while Mark was in Congress. However, he’s an establishment party guy – republican all the way through. Some might say bought and sold. He’s also a career politician and probably got peeved with Mark’s hits.

    BTW — I have the same problem with Paul Ryan. Neumann basically handed him the 1st district on a silver platter, and Ryan has no respect for that. The least Ryan could have done was not endorse until after the primary, but he stupidly did what the party establishment told him to do. If he has a soul left, he’ll regret it on September 15th.

  9. And what pundits would those be, Aaron?

    On a side note, any bets on if Sensenbrenner taped that from his office. He has a history of that, you know.

  10. John Sawyer. I am in total agreement with your comments. You nailed it on Ryan. He’s sold his soul to the Party gods. Now in the belly of the Beast, he is gutless, after all.

    He would not be the GOP golden boy budget wonk without that ‘silver platter’ and direct budgetary tutorials from Mr. Neumann.

    Another reason to not trust career politicians. Neumann cannot get into office soon enough for me.

  11. Politifact Wisconsin labeled Sensenbrenner’s claim false.

  12. For the first time today Scott Walkers robocaller recognized that I have a digital answering machine, even if with a insufferable delay that I almost hung up on. To date his robocaller was the only one that didn’t recognize the machine, so would start talking as soon as the machine answered, and I’d get his messages half way through.

    Today’s message has a telling switch I hadn’t noticed, he called himself the “Conservative for Governor” – I thought that was Neumann’s line?