A spot on Mark Neumann’s Freedom Express

I love this game, but about this point in the race I want to put my head under the magic covers until someone tells me it’s over. Come on Wednesday morning!

But, I’ll tell you all now, I have a spot on Neumann’s Freedom Express Monday. I finally get to meet him. I’ve been told I have from Eau Claire to La Crosse to ask him anything I’d like.

It’s your turn. What do you want to know? I have a few questions of my own, but I’ll take yours with me, too. Leave your ideas below. It’s probably Monday evening before I get back to you, but I’ll be checking in for the comments.


  1. Ask him to share his thoughts on the Truth In Sentencing reforms that were a part of Act 28.

  2. You’re the specialist. Give me just a little more background, please.

  3. Specifically, if he supports the multiple early release tracks that were implemented as a cost-saving measure, or whether he’d want to completely repeal those reforms.

  4. I can’t wait to hear your report from the Freedom Express! What a great opportunity to really know the candidate.

    I’d like to have your observation on how people interact with him, the ‘vibe’ of the voters. I noticed a significant difference in the pulse of excitement between the Neumann Freedom Express stop I was at and the Walker Brown Bag stop that I observed the next day. Neumann was very interactive with the individual supporters, Walker ‘spoke’ to his audience. One stop was upbeat, the other more….(what word do I want?…) whiny. You can play the matching game.

    As an ‘outsider’ on this trip, Cindy, tell us what you are seeing and sensing about the tone of the campaign, the response of the crowds. That will give a hint as to Tuesday’s outcome, I think.

    I’ll have to think on the question for the candidate….

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Ask him if the Jeffrey Goldberg piece in The New York Times was accurate.

  6. I’ll assume you mean this piece? Gosh, I hope so. That article really shows how Neumann can lead!

    I see where your info comes from now.