MJS endorses Scott Walker for Governor

So you should vote for Scott Walker on Tuesday, right? Come on! They said so!



  1. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    This is not a suprise. I’m sure the celebration is short lived inside the Walker campaign as they figure out how to pick up the pieces after R.J. Johnson’s miscalculation on the Neumann/Pelosi gaffe now that their internal tracking polls are showing Neumann gaining big time.

  2. Oh tell us more!

    Those mysterious internal polls. I did hear the Walker team was getting some serious pushback from their GOTV effort. Something about new scripts having to be written to handle the Neumann voter response.

  3. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Credible source tells me within the margin. But the rate of Neumann’s advance is concerning and could definately be a problem by Tuesday.

    There will be some cross over from the Dems. I doubt very much the tracking polls are taking this into consideration. That could spell additional trouble for Walker.

    If I were part of Team Walker, I would not watch the movie Titanic tonight. If I were them, I might get depressed and start re-arranging the chairs around the kitchen table.

  4. I saw someone saying there was a Neumann +6 poll floating around DC last week. Is Rasmussen putting anything out Monday? I kind of doubt it; in fact, I think it would be in bad taste to do so, but who am I to tell a pollster how to manage his game.

    As I mentioned earlier, I hate this point in the race. Magic covers here I come.

  5. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Gosh, I didn’t hear the +6 on Neumann. But, you never know. I doubt Rasmussen will do another before Tuesday. Reince Priebus and company at the RPW must be nervous. If I were them, I would not watch the movie Titanic either tonight. Congratulations on getting to meet Mark Neumann on Monday. I believe you’ll enjoy meeting him.

  6. I’ve decided Reince Preibus is the Dem’s consolation prize for losing the gubernatorial race in November.

    Last week I would have thought Feingold is going down, too, but this week I’m not so sure. That last Feingold tv advert was brilliant. Also, there’s so little Johnson history it might spook voters – kind of an Obama reminder if you ask me.

    That’s another reason I’m happy with Neumann. He knows what he’s getting into, but he also knows how to run his own business. I feel like it’s a great mix for where we are in Wisconsin.

  7. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Just changed Tuesday to Monday. I like the edit feature you have on your blog.

    I fear that if Mark Neumann wins the primary on Tuesday, Reince Priebus and the RPW will turn away from the governor’s race and put all their focus on the race against Russ Feingold. Scott Walker and the RPW are already floating the idea of Neumann’s victory being attributed to Democrat crossover and union help. That is how they will justify it.

    Ron Johnson is a fairly unknown, but so far everything they’ve thrown at him hasn’t stuck. Certainly the “sun spots” episode was embarassing, but it didn’t seem to hurt him.

    I think you’re right not to underestimate the other “maverick.” He’s a slippery fellow – and yes his recent ad is great.

    In many ways, I think the real battle will be the U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin. It just seems more high profile to me right now.

  8. Neumann won’t flounder. I bet they’ve lined up already to make Wednesday a glorious we-expected-this-candidate-to-shine day. It’s politics! Plus, Wisconsin is such a purple state I think the independents will actually like a choice that hasn’t been dipped in GOP red from the very beginning.

    I don’t think I have the energy to defend both Neumann and Johnson post primary. While I don’t think the WISGOP will walk away, I do suspect the Walker bloggers will find it much easier to switch to Johnson’s cause than to support Neumann with vigilance. Since few people actually read what we do, that won’t have much of an impact.

    (I took out the first line of my last comment, too. And yes, the edit feature is nice. I make a bazillion typos and have the odd verb doesn’t match problem. I’d like the chance to correct them, so I let others.)

  9. Oh, wow. Did you see this?

  10. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Interesting. Like I said before, I think the RPW isn’t going to be too happy about a Neumann victory. I’d even go so far as to say there is a fair amount of emnity between Mark Neumann and the RPW leadership. I’m not suggesting the problem is with Neumann, but with the RPW leadership. It’s one thing to support Scott Walker, the endorsed candidate. It’s another thing to intentionally hurt the other candidate in the race, in this case Mark Neumann. These are College Republican style tactics.

    It’s certaintly interesting that the RPW is getting blow back on their phone calls. At the end of the day, I belive the RPW will have made a serious mistake in endorsing Scott Walker.

  11. Wow! I never realized it was this bad. MJS really wants to beat Walker bad if they endorsed him during a Republican primary. When real conservatives catch wind of this, it wouldn’t go over well.

    Now if MJS truly means it, then they can also endorse him over Tom Barrett in the general, which we all know that hell will freeze over before that happens.