The Novennial

Today we remember a special and still sad day in our nation’s history. Just as with December 7th, time will slowly heal and erase the sadness but we need to assure that the memory and lives of those lost are never forgotten. To those with loved ones that were murdered by jihadists on that clear September day it seems somehow less than sufficient to offer you condolences or sympathy these nine years later. A city known for it’s toughness and callousness was brought to it’s knees both literally and figuratively in just a few hours, with a bewildered and perplexed country looking on from afar. In Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon similiar murders took place such that the collective experience left us asking why, as many across the land were also brought to our knees. After the fall of the Alamo and the sinking of the Maine, newspapers heralded the “remember the” phrase of each to citizens far removed from the events themselves. That was not needed in this modern world, where before going to bed that night most Americans and many across the world had seen replays of those horrendous, terrorist acts.

That period of time directly after September 11th probably has many and varied memories for each of us. I remember going to church on the following Sunday and there was not enough room for all the people. And not seeing or hearing aircraft in the skies was poignant and scary. Going to see a play at an amateur theater in the non-critical section of nearby Fort Lee and watching serious young soldiers, with their M-16’s loaded, search our car and politely demand an ID before we were allowed to enter. My sister, who lives on the water, shared with me that small Navy boats with mounted 50mm guns circled by her home regularly. Thousands of young men and women quietly went on to join the ranks of our armed forces all across the land. Our first responders slowly gained the respect and recognition they had always deserved. I’ll never forget ” let’s roll”. For at least a short while there were no Democrats, no Republicans–only Americans.

That day nine years ago 2,740 Americans and 236 foreigners were murdered by jihadists as they went about their everyday lives. I doubt there is one American who was not affected by the events of that day. In many ways we are still feeling the consequences from that fateful Tuesday even as we pause and remember so that hopefully it will never happen again.

Particulars at Ground Zero are not yet as they should be. People have once again become Democrats and Republicans and Christians and Jews and Moslems and whatever. While not perfect, perhaps on some level that’s how it should be here in the land of the free.


  1. A sincere ‘Amen’ to the above.

    Vivid memories create a painful awareness of the loss of life, sacrifices made, and heroic actions by first responders on that September 11th.

    Fitting tribute to our collective memories, Cindy. Thank you.

  2. That was Randy from Richmond, not me RL. He’s the best.

  3. Oops. Didn’t catch the byline. Sorry, Randy from Richland. Gratitude transferred. 🙂