Burning a hole in the night sky

John de Guzman: NYC 9-11 Photos &emdash; Opening up Skies

This photo by John de Guzman took my breath away this morning. I am grateful he let me share it with you.

September 11, 2001 burned a hole in my heart. I’m not alone. This photo is the best expression of that feeling that I’ve found.

It also dawned on me that the youngest surely saw it last night. I believe humans instinctively sense sacred acts. I haven’t talked to her yet, but I bet it comes up.

It looks like the the light tribute is scheduled to take place through 2011. Maybe I should be there next year. I’d like to see it for myself.


  1. That’s a great photo.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    What a remarkable shot. This is one of those times a still photograph says so much more than any motion picture medium.

  3. And that in a nutshell is the art of photography.

  4. gasp.

  5. Wow!!!