Responding to bloggers around the state

I’m sort of home, but not quite.

To my friend Patrick Dorwin at Badger Blogger in response to:

Many of us have not forgotten that Neumann threatened to run as an independent to β€œrip the party apart.”

Pooey. The deadline to register as an “independent” was July 15th, and that was the same deadline to register as a Republican. It’s a Walker talking point, and I’m taking it down.

There was a primary. You’ll live.

To that character Aaron Rodruiguez at The Hispanic Conservative in response to:

Viability also takes form in campaign financing. Neumann has spent $4 million inundating the airwaves with commercials touting his conservatism. Neumann’s estimated worth, or so we are told, is $10 million. This means he’s invested virtually everything he has in the primary leaving little for the general election against Tom Barrett – this is assuming Neumann doesn’t want to spend the majority of his wealth and potentially lose to Barrett anyway. This means that if Neumann wins on Tuesday, his candidacy will be much more financially weak than Walker’s.

Mark Neumann is viable. I was sitting next to him when he ran the numbers with his campaign manager up to the general election. (Shhh. I promised not to tell.) You’re flat wrong. The plan’s in place, and the numbers are good. Dream on, and another Walker talking point goes to the mat.

(Why someone would try to estimate a resident of Wisconsin’s net worth is beyond me. This state took out the concept of the Millionaire Next Door. I’ve watched a man worth more money than you thought they even printed mow his own lawn in hand-me-down sneakers from his son. It really can’t be done around here.)

P.S. Head to Aaron’s site. If nothing else you can watch his cousin Zeus distance himself from Walker by taking on Aaron in public.

To that scoundrel Dad29 (sorry, Dad, you’re always going to be a scoundrel to me πŸ˜‰ ), Jeremy Shown is a grown up. Calling him out on his choice is a little like whipping your belt off and promising to teach him a lesson.

Not very cool, dude. Besides, I don’t think Mr. Shown is one to bend to peer pressure.


All done for now. I’ve have lots and lots to write tonight. Stay tuned.


  1. Welcome back, road warrior. Waiting. πŸ™‚

  2. Can’t wait to read about your experience.

  3. First off, you WAAAAYYYYY over-read the title of the post.

    Secondly, I think Jeremy’s big enough to defend himself, Cindy.

  4. That’s fine. It was still fun getting to call you a scoundrel. πŸ™‚

  5. Cindy,

    My cousin Zeus is not distancing himself away from Walker. He’s holding a position he’s held for the past half a year. In fact, I wrote the piece based upon debates we had about Neumann.

    For Zeus, he faults Walker for not having private sector experience while touting Neumann’s own business acumen as a precursor to being an exceptional politician. I understand his point, but Walker has a record that most conservatives would be proud of. Neumann’s public sector experience is modest and his Congressional record as a true leader is scant.

  6. Cindy –

    I was OK with Dad’s post. I took it as a compliment.

  7. Fine! I’ll stay out of it then.