The first stop: La Crosse

The La Crosse stop was at Wiebke Fur Company on Rose Street. Mark Neumann donned an NRA hat. There were reporters for both TV and print.

Duh. Today was a media whistlestop tour. (Ok. I have my slow days. Especially when they start at 5:00 a.m.)

The media here were on their toes. In addition to the expected campaign questions, one reporter asked about Scott Walker’s strange “hijack” gaffe on 9/11. Mark Neumann answered that he really had no comment.

It was but the first time today I’d understand the class this man possesses. It’s a campaign. It would have been easy to make hay on Walker’s enormous mistake, but he didn’t.

As I said in a brief post earlier today, there was genuine enthusiasm when Neumann arrived. To my surprise, the crowd was more than volunteers and staffers. Real people showed up from the La Crosse area. In addition, the sporting supplier was busy today. Bowhunting season starts next week, so several folks were in and out of the store. They all seemed interested in what was going on today.

I haven’t seen so many guns in one place in a long time. I learned to shoot when I was young, and I joke Oklahoma had concealed carry long before it was a law on any book. It was somewhat nostalgic to be in that environment again.

I’m told Mark Neumann is the only gubernatorial candidate to have actually bagged a deer. The family regularly eats game.

Ok, venison is not on my list of first 10 things I’d eat, but I’m glad to know the family has a policy to eat or donate what they kill. Mark went on to explain he still butchers his own. Ick? But I know to someone who loves the sport, it’s part of the process. (I once almost sort of knew how to clean a fish.)

While shooting as a sport has been around for a long time, I’m still enough of a tree hugger that I want to know it’s for a reason.

Worked for me.

In no time at all the campaign is back on the road and headed to Eau Claire.


  1. John Sawyer says:

    I honestly think that Walker took up hunting after his 2006 failed governor campaign because it would help him in his next campaign. Looking at the chart at the bottom of this page is quite telling:

    Hunting for political ambitions… who would have every imagined that.

    I also heard that Neumann was the only one who has shot a deer.

  2. I remember my economics professor coming in before the Kerry/Bush vote in late October 2004. “Why the heck was John Kerry in blaze orange last weekend?” he asked. He then proceeded to make it a teaching moment as to the voting bell curve.

    For the life of me I can’t remember his name, but I remember his eyes shining as he explained that one.