An early debriefing

Yes, some might even rightfully argue premature, but I’m fully immersed in politics right now and don’t have anywhere else do discuss what I’ve been thinking.

Mark Neumann has always been Mark Neumann. Throughout this primary, I don’t think I’ve seen his camp spin anything but Mark’s record in congress and his time in business.

Scott Walker has been the chameleon in this race. First he was the best conservative. Today’s he’s middle of the road according to BrkfldDad’s recount of a radio interview. First he was most likely to beat Barrett in November, but the last few weeks he’s poised himself as the underdog. First he was the man who fixed Milwaukee County, but then he’s the guy who did his best considering the big bad county board. First Neumann put in too much of his own money, then Neumann didn’t have any money. First Walker accused Neumann of being negative, and when that didn’t stick, Walker went negative.

Just who is Scott Walker?

I know I’ve said all along that if Mark Neumann loses today, I’d be glad to vote for Scott Walker. I have to admit that after watching the man’s campaign staff in action, it’s going to be difficult to do more than draw a line, though.

One might easily suspect the Walker aficionados will think the same if Neumann wins.

No doubt, there will be a couple of days of licking wounds on either side. I will warn my fellow bloggers, though, that repeating some of this recent behavior will not be tolerated. You win or lose with grace, or you’ll only be embarrassing yourselves.

I never dreamed there would be so much on the line for primary. I think the losing side will be more comfortable championing Ron Johnson against Russ Feingold than heartily cheering the other side.

I also think Ron Johnson has one heck of an uphill battle in front of him.

That’s it. It was either talk with you or vacuum. Now what am I going to do to avoid housework?


  1. With all due respect Cindy, you are out of your mind.

    Neumann has not spun anything? Just last Friday he tried to turn a straw poll of 21 people into the endorsement of the TEA party. The man does not even know what the TEA party is.

    And what of his stunt at the GOP convention claiming his people were being forced out? All they had to do was register. I could go on and on but there is no point.

    Neumann ran a negative campaign and only turned positive in the last month.

    Spun nothing? That’s just the farthest thing from the truth.

  2. That was tongue in cheek Fred. Walker did the very same thing last year. Oh, I’m sorry. There like 39 people voting then. How could I be so ridiculous!

    You purposely missed my point. The candidate is the same. Sadly your job now is to discount that candidate.

    With all due respect my backside, Fred Dooley. You’re at risk of running me out of the Republican party completely. I know that’s what you think you want, but I have to say, when we’re all gone, you won’t have anyone left to boss around.

    I feel sorry for good people who are voting for Walker today because they’ve been told he’s the better conservative when all the sudden you’ve decided Neumann is too far to the right.

    I’m very sane. I suggest you find a mirror.

  3. If you run out you run on your own, don’t blame me.

    You have just been spinning lies. Your belief in Neumann is so absolute that you are turning a blind eye to the truth.

    I’m done, I don’t care to argue with you but to try and sell that Neumann has not been spinning is laughable.

  4. And as I tried to explain to you before, the campaign has not been spinning the candidate’s credentials. He is the same candidate who started this race a few months ago.

  5. I have a bunch of TMJ4 election results windows open and on Site Reloader for every 30 seconds (

    Who are you supporting for Sheriff Cindy?

  6. No one, really.

  7. Just to clarify, the interviewee (WisPolitics head) said Walker would draw more moderate votes that Neumann, and that’s what scared the libs, not that he was middle of the road.

  8. Not to get off topic, but I will šŸ™‚

    Political pollution in the sheriff’s race. Alioto is driving me nuts. Signs popped up all over the place today. Cindy, all those huge signs he has up, aren’t they a tad bit too large? I remember the grief you got on your mayoral signs. His seem to be much larger, or maybe I am just getting older, either way I have found his advertising to be way too over the top for me.

  9. p.s. (Sorry for clogging the comments). I was intrigued that Kyle Prast supports Walker/Kleefisch. I don’t think I have ever seen the two of you that far apart!

  10. I noticed that too, BrkfldDad! His signs are really huge and eye-catching! And while driving down one street in Brookfield, I saw a huge sign on every corner! I think he could’ve used some of his campaign funds towards other forms of advertising – he’s way too dependent on signs!

  11. But Deano the meano isn’t in charge anymore and Jeff has his pension, so no one cares.

    Kyle and I chose different candidates for both the governor’s and lt. governor’s race. Don’t worry. We’re still friends.

    She put it best years ago when she said “there’s no perfect candidate.” You pick the one that’s the better fit, and you work with that.

    It’s not like either one of us is voting Barrett. šŸ™‚

  12. And that’s the important thing, Cindy. You and I can disagree. Wiggy and I can come in from absolute opposite ends and it’s never personal.

    With Fred everything is personal. Any post he disagrees with morphs into “hate” in his head. Soon that word will have as little meaning as “freedom,” or “liberal.”

    There’s a reason that History has recorded the name of the Zealots. We see this politics of personal destruction in cycles in America. It, like taxes, are part of the price we pay for a Democracy.

  13. What ever happened to exit polls. Were the TV stations/networks too embarrassed by their performance, is the primary too small of an issue, or are they somehow illegal now?

  14. Timely Facebook posting from a die-hard liberal friend stating he just voted for Neumann, hopes Walker loses because Neumann will be easier to beat.

    The mentality of the left never ceases to amaze me.

  15. I feel so slighted! You have a Facebook page and I don’t get to be your friend. Unless I am and I don’t know it.

    BrkfldDad, my greatest mystery.

    Also, I had a call confirming a Dem crossover to Neumann from Milwaukee County.

  16. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Liberals along Willy Street in Madison were marching to the polls with Neumann signs while sipping their soy lattes.

    Just kidding.

  17. Right. You just don’t want to admit they were using disposable cups.

  18. I voted for Walker just to outweigh a crossover lib.

  19. Uh huh.

  20. P.S. Go Christine O’Donnell!

  21. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m with you Lorax. I’d rather potentially lose the seat in Delaware in November with a true conservative than win with a liberal Republican. The Rinos are slowly going to become extinct. Maybe even one day the Republicans might do the same thing in Massachusetts to Ted Kennedy’s seat.

  22. I wouldn’t call Castle liberal, but he certainly is one of the most moderate republicans in congress.

    I’ve been reading about Olympia Snowe in Maine–she may likely switch over to the Dem side. I don’t see her surviving a primary.

    And as for Joe Sestak and Arlen Specter, I love Sestak but I think Specter is a great guy and would have been the better candidate against Pat Toomey–who scares me.

    Sorry guys, this is all I got until results trickle in.

  23. Walker is really starting to pull away now. Too bad. Thanks for running a great campaign Mark.

  24. While it’s still too early to call, I’m watching the counties, and I think it will be hard for Mark to do it.

  25. The AP just called it for Walker. They rarely miss.

  26. Nope, we are not friends yet on FB. I’ve gotten close to requesting, we do have mutual friends šŸ™‚ I’ve probably shown up on your list of people you may know!

  27. Tease. What a horrible tease!

    (She obsessively exists to check it out. If you turn out to be Scott Berg, I have to move.)

  28. If I turn out to be Scott Berg, I’ll save you the pain and move!

  29. No really. I can move.

    BTW, all my people you may know are Democrats or family, which are probably also Democrat with the exception of a couple or three. Iā€™m afraid Iā€™m all out of ideas.

    I guess you get to surprise me someday.

  30. Okay one small hint šŸ™‚ One mutual friend is neither a Democrat or a family member…

  31. Well that probably means you are too old to be my Facebook friend. So there.

  32. Well rats. I was hoping to provoke you into another clue. I guess I’ll live.

    That is not in any way to be construed as I’m not thinking about it.

    Goodnight everyone.

  33. Sorry, I crashed after my last post. Nope, not too old šŸ™‚