Congratulations to Scott Walker

I have said for weeks that I’ll vote for Mark Neumann and Scott Walker will win, then I’ll vote for Walker and Tom Barrett will win. While all the data is not in, this is not a slam dunk for Scott Walker to November. Expect to see Obama every other week until the numbers show outside the margin of error. Biden is in Dane County October 7th.

It’s going to be an outright slugfest. The opposition research file on Scott Walker is much much thicker than the one for Mark Neumann. Tidy-bowl Tom has a whole lot of poop on his hands, too.

I am tickled to have found a candidate who represented me so well in this race. While he was not everyone’s choice, I won’t ever be embarrassed by my decision.

If you happen to be completely warped (like me!) the best county by county coverage is at Politico.


  1. Mark Neumann – class act. What a great speech.

  2. Yes, it was a great speech. This man is so much more than Republicans are acknowledging. He’s the real deal. (Oh well, tomorrow he’ll have lost a nomination but will have a really amazing family and a buck or two in the bank.)

  3. Mark Neumann is a statesman. Hard to find these days.

  4. If I were to vote conservative, I would have voted for Mark Neumann. I was sad to see him lose out.

  5. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Mark Neumann put up a valiant effort. He should be congratulated for that. If Scott Walker and his campaign is serious about welcoming Neumann supporters to their side, then their tone in the coming days should reflect that. That also goes for Walker surrogates, including bloggers loyal to his campaign. Now is the time to take down the now defunct That would be a good start for making things right with Neumann supporters and unifying the party. Anything short of that would surely compromise that effort.

  6. I don’t expect the Walker campaign to do anything but rub it in Neumann supporter faces. They’ll say they can win without us and move on.

  7. What Mark Neumann said was really surprising, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him run for another political office in the near future.

    Scott Walker vs. Tom Barrett. Oh boy. This is going to get messy.

  8. Really, Cindy? Do they think they can win without Neumann supporters? That’s curious.

  9. Oh, those voting for Neumann will easily vote for Walker.