Why I’m voting Mark Neumann

This Fox 6 raw footage explains a lot.


  1. me too… Neumann.

  2. I have had personal experience with Mark Neumann. While adopting 2 children, INS denied recieving paperwork, even though they signed for it twice.

    I contacted Congressman Neumann’s office, explained our situation, and that we would lose the the chance to adopt these children unless we receive INS approval .

    Neumann’s office stated several times,

    “We do not assist anyone adopting children that are not of blood”

    This was also stated in 1998 Metro News Paper and another person posted this on Mark Neumanns website as follows:

    “I had some experience with Mark while he worked as my representative in Racine county. I asked him for some help with our adoption and I was abrubtly told that Mark does NOT believe in non-biological adoption. So ….another victory for the rights of the repressed. Mark should keep his views in church, not government. ”

    Fortunately, 2 other elected officials stepped up , the paperwork was “found” and we became a family.

    It is an American’s Civil Right to adopt, and should be a key element of a pro life representative.

  3. Well that was odd. :/

  4. I just pulled a rude comment labeled Capper that wasn’t Capper. The IPs don’t match. I suspect this was a Republican unhappy with the way today might go.

    There’s a lot on the line. They know it.

  5. Now I’m frightened.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    I disagree that it is a civil right to adopt. I do believe that adoption should be allowed under the rules of law and pre-established community standards. Until you produce evidence other than ‘someone said’ I would highly doubt a US Congressman’s office would make the exact statement you quote. Any particular reason you brought this up today ?

  7. Listened to the head of Wispolitics on the radio this morning, he may have convinced me that liberal crossover might well indeed happen for Neumann today. He said the left believes that Neumann, even though in the polls more popular than Walker/Barrett, will be easier to defeat in November. Reason being that to win in WI you will have to draw the moderate vote. The Dems consider Walker a huge threat to garner the moderate vote in November, while they consider Neumann too right wing extreme to be able to get the moderates on his side.

  8. Except the head of Wispolitics is quite the Republican player, so it’s hard to hear that without identifying his motive is to elect Walker. Touting the crossover is Walker’s way of having a good excuse should he lose. I gave it to him on September 2nd with my Primary Panky post.

    The bottom line: vote for the candidate you like best.

  9. I think there is no way to predict a crossover by the libs. A UWMilwaukee prof threw out a number yesterday of 1000 votes, and another source of mine (pretty good numbers guy on election politics) says it could be 20-50,000 voters crossing over if you do the numbers based on expected high turn out. Even the high end of that crossover won’t have a significant effect the final outcome.

    I don’t think Milwaukee’s dems are playing that game, despite Walker’s trying to act like the Big Bad Wolf and imply he is the fearsome opponent. In Milwaukee they will likely be more influenced by the sheriff’s race, I think.

    I think party allegiance will win over a parochial vote in the governor’s race. Just speculation, as I don’t live in the area.

    Madison will likely have a low turnout vote because they don’t have any big races. Someone I talked to this morning was voter #19 in a high liberal Madison area; at 8AM I was voter #92 in my small town.

    No one can really know. Curious that the WisPol guy would indicate that Neumann wouldn’t draw the moderate vote…I don’t know what the categories mean, but Neumann was leading Walker in % of gains in the crosstabs / internals with Republicans, Independents, Dems I seem to recall. They were equal with conservatives, which was a gain for Neumann, a loss for Walker. If I recall correctly. If that is true, then WisPol guy is blowing smoke for some reason.

  10. I’ve decided to write in Tom Schellinger for Governor since I think it’s the only office he hasn’t run for. 🙂

  11. Bdad that’s funny. You do know how to make me laugh.