Voters Declare Rinos Endangered

Within minutes of Christine O’Donnell’s victory in Delaware the experts were saying she can’t win in November. The national RNC has indicated they will not provide funding for O’Donnell. Carl Rove showed his RINO side by saying there is no way the Republicans can now win the Senate. Political expert Larry Sabato, just up the road from where I sit, echoed Rove’s pronouncements. On this site Lorax was licking his chops at the news.

Previously experts had predicted a total Republican turnout in Delaware’s primary of 30,000. Over 57,000 turned out to vote. These same experts gave an upstart Senator from Illinois no chance against the established powerhouse Senator from New York with a well oiled political machine. No way a popular Republican Governor in Florida, who endorsed Obama’s $787 billion stimulus plan, would not even enter the Republican Primary in Florida opting to run as an Independant. Impossible that an 18 year entrenched Senator in Utah would place a distant third in the party’s convention. Not only was a Republican Governor elected in New Jersey, but a staunch conservative to boot. In Virginia, a state that went for Obama just one year before, a conservative Governor is elected who kills the Obama backed Democrat. It would never happen that Ted Kennedy’s revered seat would be filled with a Republican. A woman with Indian heritage easily elected to run as a conservative Republican in South Carolina. A District Attorney who had never run for statewide office beats the established Lt. Governor in Colorado to become a Senate candidate. In Nevada a conservative woman candidate who garnered 5% in her first poll, and had made some “dumb’ statements, smoked the rest of the Republican candidates in the Primary and against the standing Senate Majority Leader now runs neck and neck in the polls. A libertarian Doctor in Kentucky started off 5 points behind the established Democratic Attorney General and now leads in most polls. No way an outsider with no political experience can upset the guy with tremendous name recognition in New York, just last night.

I have no clue what the future will bring. But I am able to look back with clarity and see what was.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Good, bad, or indifferent Christine O’Donnell has received $500,000 already today.