Resist the urge to call Wisconsin a Tea Party win

Yes, there were upsets across the nation being labeled Tea Party wins. No, Wisconsin wasn’t one of them. Wisconsin is one of the states where the Republican Party effectively usurped any Tea Party enthusiasm.

Scott Walker is no Tea Party candidate. Mark Neumann was much further to the right on the Republican spectrum.

Ron Johnson is a closer description, but he’s fully endorsed by the party, so even he doesn’t get to wear the title.

I suspect we’ll hear it over and over again as the campaigns progress. The party wants to capture the enthusiasm.

Just keep in mind it’s the party at play.

(It just dawned on me that a bunch of Democrats are probably crying in their coffee this morning. Reince Preibus still reigns supreme.)


  1. You forgot to mention Rebecca Kleefisch getting the Lt. Gov. nod. I’d consider her the most in-line with the TEA Party movement out of all the candidates mentioned above.

  2. But the Republican party did not endorse her.