The morning after

I’m up and at ’em already this morning. I have a few things I need to get done and I suppose there’s no time like the present.

Thanks to a back to back airing of Glee last night I have Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance stuck in my head. Normally I would embed a video. Lady Gaga is anything but normal, so I think it’s best to just skip it.

If only the Journey songs would take over instead. There was even Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody! But no, it seems to be Lady Gaga or bust this morning.

Paul Farrow and Rich Zipperer both won last night. There weren’t any surprises there. Please guys. We all know it’s over. Pull down your signs and give us a break. I don’t think there’s much glory in striking a pose for the next six weeks.

What races were you watching nationally? I’d prefer to skip right over the O’Donnell chatter if it’s ok with you. Anything else?