What to expect today

Tommy Thompson will enthusiastically endorse Scott Walker.

That’s right. You should laugh. The Brett Favre of politics couldn’t make up his mind before the race. He did however cross the state with Lt. Gov. candidate Brett Davis. That didn’t exactly go well.

There’s a unity breakfast this morning with the Walker and Neumann groups. I’d love to be a fly on that wall. Campaigns aren’t run by grown ups, folks, they are managed by a group of 20 somethings willing to work for $750 a month. Don’t expect much in the way of grown up behavior when you walk in the room.

The Republican Governor’s Association will roll out an advert against Tom Barrett. They want Wisconsin back.


  1. No unity breakfast after all. Is the Republican party of Wisconsin going to snub Neumann voters?

    I think that’s the case.

  2. What advantage is that? Perhaps a little misplaced confidence? Would a no go on ‘unity’ be directed by Walker or Priebus, I’m curious.

  3. Walker goes where he’s pointed right now. Priebus scored big last night. He won’t waste it.

  4. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    I didn’t know there was a “unity breakfast” planned. Was there one scheduled? or did you assume one was? Just curious.

  5. I was told there would be one, and then I was told there wouldn’t after the numbers came in.

  6. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Was that a decision made by the Walker/Priebus/RPW side or Neumann?

  7. That I can’t answer. Our mutual acquaintance might know.

  8. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Hmmmmmm… perhaps. I have to get back to some farming now.