And so it begins…

I’m telling you, state Democrats were handed their dream opponent on Tuesday.


  1. Yeah, that’s why they were encouraging people to cross party lines and vote for Neumann.

  2. I felt certain your nastiness would end once you got your way, Fred. I suppose you’re just turning out to be one of those crackpots we can all do without.

  3. Hate to align with the dark side, but buried in his cynical response I do think is a good point. The Dems really thought their way to bounce Walker was to get Neumann through the primary. They didn’t and still don’t want a Walker/Barrett race – it scares them. No where before has a Milwaukee-based conservative been able to garner such votes in a general election. Like I’ve said and the data shows, Milwaukee County will go to the winner. There’s some pretty sharp people over there, and I think both the state and Barrett officials knew or know they aren’t going to make political hay with the O’Donnell flap, or at least enough to matter. If so, I think there would have been a chorus of cries and ads about this in the primary. I don’t think O’Donnell will resonate outside of SE Wisconsin, and SE Wisconsin just showed it’s Walker territory (albeit on the conservative vote). So, if anybody, including Neumann, wanted to advance on Walker in this area, and O’Donnell was the way to do it, I think it would’ve all ready been done.

    That being said, the quote from the inspector on it being one of the worst doesn’t help. And… I’ve been known to be wrong 🙂

  4. Not so sure BDad. Lots of folks outside of SE Wisconsin have in their mind the Walker/O’Donnell park mess, specifically. And Walker/bad manager in a broad view. For as many people that buy into the Walker talking points, and equal amount have an unfavorable view of him.

    I don’t think Barrett has as much of an unfavorable perception, personally, and that will help him. There may be an anti-dem feeling over all, but Barrett may overcome that with his hero status. Hard for Walker to pretend he’s got that going for him.

  5. When I saw Cindy’s original post and the first word in the headline, I thought this was going to be about a race in another state entirely.

  6. Yes, their first method to bounce Walker was to get Neumann to November. It doesn’t negate the fact the Dems were handed a dream opponent Tuesday night.

    I don’t know that the race scares them as much as the race will be more work, nastier, and likely to burden their candidate in the end. There’s no way Barrett can run a positive campaign with Walker on the ballot.

    Months ago I received a tip that there were reports scheduled to be held by the Dems until after the primary. The news would lay in wait in case it were needed to wipe up Walker.

    We know Barrett dumps poo into Lake Michigan.

    What we don’t know – and what will come out – is Walker’s involvement in two very big county issues, the maintenance of facilities and the mental health facility bungles, and one scandal being investigated as far as campaigning from the county offices.

    That’s where we are now. Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip…

    (PS I have to get stuff done today! You guys have fun, but be good.)

  7. My nastyness? Seriously? Mirror?

    If the Dems wanted Walker why were they encouraging people to vote for Neumann?

    You make no sense, and because I point that out you call me nasty?

    Put down the keyboard and walk away for a while.

  8. RL, O’Donnel Park was a construction problem that had nothing to do with Walker.

    Anyone with an ounce of honesty will be able to see that state wide. You give the people too little credit.

  9. One more thing Cindy, you are the only one being nasty, you called names, I just expressed an opinion.

    Seriously, take a break.

  10. My calculus was always, it’s better if it’s a long, close, bitter battle–force the eventual nominee to tack right so they will have a difficult time moving back to the center in the general. But what do I know?

  11. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    This will be an issue for Walker. While I wish Scott Walker and his campaign the best, they do face obstacles like the O’Donnell problem. So, it will be interesting to see how they go on the defensive – and if the creative geniuses over on Mayfair Road could potentially find a way to go on the offensive on this issue. I think they tried to do that with linking Tom Barrett with the MMSD spillage into Lake Michigan, but that didn’t work. (Everyone who knows anything about MMSD and Milwaukee knows that this has been a long-term problem anyway.)

    More concerning to me right now is where each of the candidates stand with their cash-on-hand balances. I’m very worried that if Walker stays dark for a while, Barrett will define Walker before he has a chance to film his next ad.

  12. So much for supporting the winner of the GOP race…

  13. Oh good grief. You’d best get used to the idea that Scott Walker has an opponent.

    I’ll vote for him, but it will be because I’m holding my nose.

  14. Randy in Richmond says:

    We always hold our nose to some degree when we vote. Sometimes we squeeze it harder than other times. In fact, mine’s still sore from November 2008.

  15. Why do you feel you have to vote for Walker just because you supported Neumann? Sorry…but I don’t get that.

  16. mew,

    No, I don’t have to do anything. But since I usually vote with my wallet, Walker’s still a better choice. I was just looking forward to the possibility of so much more.

  17. Honestly, I could not squeeze my nose hard enough to vote for Walker.

  18. Voting Barrett then, RL? Welcome home–the Dark Side must have been scary. 😀

  19. TheL. LOL. Not likely. More likely I’ll be a blank vote on the guv race. I am inclined to not give either my vote at this time.

    I do know for sure I will not vote for Walker, even if he gave me a job as department head for the county tomorrow.

    I have to say, it will be very interesting to be emotionally un-invested in either and watch them duel. I think karma bites, and Walker best buckle up for a barrage of nastiness. If he whines once about negative campaigning against HIM, I may just jab the chad for Barrett after all.

  20. Aaron Rodriguez says:

    I don’t see anywhere in the article where the engineer blamed Walker for anything.

    Btw, I don’t think Walker needs your vote, Cindy. So you don’t have to do it in disgust.

  21. I’m pretty sure Walker’s handed out all the jobs he can already RL.

    Emotionally un-invested is a good way to describe it. I said earlier today I really had no horse in this race anymore.

  22. Well if you insist, Aaron.

  23. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Walker doesn’t need my vote? Hmmmm…. ok.

  24. Yes, I’m still kind of digging that statement myself.