I’ve been thinking…

(Disclaimer: I’m well aware that means about half of you aren’t going to like what I say because it will challenge you to think, too.)

I’m feeling pretty good about the way things are shaking out in the 2010 election cycle, both nationally and here in Wisconsin.

Nationally it still looks like Republicans will take the House of Representatives back into control. I like that. I’m also quite ok with the Senate staying outside a majority. You see, America, and particularly the markets (I vote my wallet, remember?) love stalemate. A Republican House with a Democrat for president and Dems controlling the Senate means nothing gets done.

Granted, nothing is unwound, but still nothing new that’s super crummy. I’ll be able to toodle along about my day without worrying that stupid happened while I wasn’t watching.

Also, only picking up the House leaves a better chance for a Republican president in 2012. If the Republicans have the House and Senate, we’ve got Obama until 2016. There is no way Americans will make the mistake of a total party sweep for the next few voting cycles. No way.

Here at home, I’m still a little bummed about Mark Neumann’s loss in the primary. You see, Wisconsin never got a real Tea Party movement. The concept was immediately put under Republican party control here. (E.g. Racine) The flush that the other states are getting won’t be part of our future.

(One last time: Mark Neumann was the only conservative in that primary.)

That’s why I’m not really obsessed about who we get for a governor. Like the national balance that’s about to shift, I’m pretty sure I’ve read where Wisconsin will see the Assembly go back to the Republicans. The Senate will remain in Democratic control, and the governor can be Republican or Democrat without much fear.

At least for me.

Besides, Scott Walker has proven that he can’t lead opposing forces through his time in Milwaukee County. Even a Republican for governor and a Republican Assembly will still get Wisconsin taxpayers Milwaukee County results, and Milwaukee County isn’t looking so good right now.

I’ll leave with two more thoughts.

Why no budget yet Scott K. Walker?

And where the heck did Tommy Thompson go?


  1. Off point, the clock just started, I wondered how long it would be for the first volley on one side or the other.

    Saw my first new anti-Walker commercial a minute ago. Headlines highlighting mismanagement of mental health care, (newspaper excerpts)……ends with ‘Can you trust Scott Walker as Governor?’

    Wonder what markets they are hitting with that.

    To your point, I find your Where’s Waldo reference to Tommy Thompson quite interesting. Think he’ll be on the campaign trail with Walker? Hahaha. Push and pull, and he finally caves. Now will he go back silent?

  2. I think the Dems plan to hammer the trust issue. I saw a commercial last night that was a jobs angle and finished with the same.

  3. I agree with your thoughts concerning the national level. If Republicans gain control of both houses of Congress, we will most likely see a very mediocre field of Republican presidential candidates in 2012. The heavy hitters would wait until 2016. I agree that the country would be very cautious about giving complete control to a single party in the short term.
    I hope you are correct about Wisconsin. I also believe we need split government both to prevent legislative excesses and to maybe have some practical solutions enacted that rectify some longstanding problems.

    As an aside I have heard that the Wisconsin S5 race will probably be very close. People in Milwaukee and the 15th state assembly district will see little of Leah Vukmir. People in Elm Grove and Brookfield will see little of Jim Sullivan.
    I have been told that the real battle for votes will occur on the east side of Wauwatosa. The governor’s race will probably have a big impact on the election results in that part of the senate district.

    I also think that TT is becoming less relevant and will be a non-factor by the 2014 election cycle.

  4. Jim, Do you think TT is less relevant, or desires to be less relevant?

  5. Hey, I’m the one who started calling TT the Brett Favre of politics. He’s one his way out, but like Klauser, none to plussed by the idea.

  6. randy in Richmond says:

    I guess everone’s heard that Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has announced that she will run as a write-in candidate. What a pitiful move. In a not so veiled stab at Sarah Palin she proclaimed,
    “Perhaps it’s one time they met one Republican woman who won’t quit on Alaska.” Oh that’s right, Sarah knocked daddy out of the governor’s seat. And dear Lisa, just as in Sen. Kennedy’s case, it’s not your seat–it belongs to the people and they have spoken.

    The truth is, Alaska left you.

  7. As I said on a friend’s Facebook post, Murkowski had better hope Alaskans can spell.

  8. Just not sure why you think you know anything about Klauser…

  9. randy in Richmond says:

    Not only being funny Cindy, you raise a pertinent question. If her, or anyone elses, name is misspelled on a write-in ballot does it count ? I would think not because it would leave vote counting to a subjective rather than objective process. But then there was Florida and those chads…

  10. John Sawyer says:

    Rumor is that Tommy took a huge political risk by not endorsing Walker like the rest of the party robots, and he’s now paying for that risk by being shut out of WI politics. I’m pretty sure that this will be temporary, and he’ll be back in full force one way or another.

  11. Did TT endorse anyone besides Brett Davis?

  12. Not that I recall, Bdad.

  13. I read something in the local paper the day before the election — a reporter referencing TT had endorsed Walker. Looked all over for the source, and on Tuesday I did find a TT quote something to the effect that Wisconsin voters were blessed to have two great GOP candidates but that he was going to support/endorse Walker. It was obviously a full court press on him and for whatever reason he gave it up in the last 24 hours. Wonder what that is about if the theory is he is irrelevant. Why would he give in to the pressure if there wasn’t a political reason?

  14. Found it. Election day.


    Tommy Thompson was on the trail backing his former aide, Brett Davis, for lieutenant governor but is also weighing in on the race for the top job.

    “I have endorsed Scott, and so I hope Scott wins, but Neumann is a great candidate. We’re blessed in Wisconsin for having two great candidates. Either one of them will be an outstanding nominee for the Republican Party,” Thompson said.

  15. Does the TEA Party movement have a platform? Is there a way to identify its candidates? A way to distinguish them from Republican, Democrat or Libertarian? A way to insure they’re not going to spend, spend, spend once they are in office? (And you thought “hope and change” was dead and vague.)

  16. Randy in Richmond says:

    John Foust
    Mostly no. No, not in a legal sense. No. No.

  17. Randy – loved your response to Mr. Foust.

  18. So what’s a “real Tea Party movement”? It’s not “real” if it’s co-opted by Republicans?

  19. I don’t call it real in Wisconsin. Other places? Maybe.