The Boat to Nowhere

Finally, the Democrats have established a platform they can run on this November. As usual it is not a substantiative issue that has anything to do with governing or leadership. Yes, they are prognosticating that the Republican Party is debating the issues and discussing candidates while actually listening to the American people in voting all across America. After four years of dominant control in the Congress and going on two years in the White House they are touting…..pretty much nothing they have accomplished during that time. The Speaker of the House called it a “historic moment” and the President said it “answered the call of history” about legislation the Democrats did pass, but few if any of their candidates are campaigning on this or any other of their accomplishments because they have very few the American people actually support. While staring the prospect of losing the House of Representatives and their large edge in the Senate directly in the eye, Democrats are beating the drum about Republican party scrabbles by disappointed and upset losers in primaries.

For a party sailing a boat with no rudder and an inept crew, all they can do is criticize those in the other boat, who are throwing some overboard whilst steaming into the current. Americans are tired of being on the boat to nowhere. Time will tell.


  1. randy in Richmond says:

    There is one Democratic candidate now identifying with the Health Care Bill. It is Anthony Weiner of New York who states, ” I wrote the bill, … the bill and I are one.”