I hate to say I told you so

But I told you so.


  1. You are a tease or the link is off. Tried twice and no connection to any article. 🙂

  2. The link didn’t work for me either.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Cindy will not be available for a spell but this may be the link:


    This is part of the URL for the “Page Not Found” link and she tagged it ‘Race for Governor’. My best guess.

  4. RinR. I thought I saw a January 2009 date in the upper left above the ‘sorry not found’ blurb. Wonder what that could be. A premonition by CK? 🙂

    Re, your link. So, who is zooming whom? You think the Dems wanted Walker all along to get to use their laundry list against him? Did the GOP play right into their hands?

  5. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    This looks like a big win for Team Walker to me. Does anyone see anything different?

  6. Aaron Rodriguez says:

    So instead of using the O’Donnell tragedy against Walker, they would have used Neumann’s church and rather socially backward comments about gays against him.

  7. Jake formerly of the LP says:

    I’m biased in this (I’m voting for Barrett) but I can’t see where this helps Walker in any way except among the folks that’ll vote for him anyway. I mean, is it news that a candidate who constantly rips unions is having unions try to get back at him?

    Those ads are well within proper, as being critical of Walker\’s record and the results of his “cut taxes regardless of the consequences” policies are fair play. It’s hardly a ridiculous connection to draw between the deferred maintenance and mismanagement and the tragic death of that kid, especially as we know more about how the County willingly passed up the investment into that maintenance under Scotty and co.

  8. I don’t think it’s a big win for Walker, but it’s sure a bonehead move and I’d say a slight negative for Barrett. Let’s face it, the majority of eligible voters are apathetic. Given we’ve got a tight race here, you don’t need anything that energizes the opposition’s vote. The only thing I see out of this is a few more conservatives who might not have gotten out to vote will rethink that. And, if this is all true, it now gives Walker part of the Barrett play book, and a couple of legal issues to hone in on. Either Morgan’s got a big ego, or he just found himself a seat in the corner of the Barrett campaign room.

  9. So now, after he precipitated the whole Obama/train video/Worst Person in the World fiasco, Michael Brickman is taking on fake names and lying to people in bars for the Walker Campaign. It’s like getting your new issue of Highlights and heading straight to the Find the Self-Important Pissant page.

  10. Jake, it is a ridiculous comparrison.

    The flaw in that building was in the construction, something Walker had nothing to do with.

    Remember, a young man died here. If the left tries to blame that on Walker unjustly it will backfire on them.

  11. Gosh, Fred, that sounds vaguely threatening.

    So it has absolutely nothing to do with the lack of maintenance or inspections on the facilities. Absolutely nothing.

  12. Cindy, If a visual inspection revealed safety concerns post tragedy, a properly managed facility would have visually revealed the same problems pre-tragedy. I think that is how most people think, if you are not a defender of Scott Walker.

    I don’t think it is likely the dems would lead with the biggest failing of Scott Walker. Seems they are saving the most damaging evidence of Walker being unqualified for the governor’s job to be used in the next few weeks.

    Also, I don’t think Walker’s newest response ad was very effective. His pretense of protecting the most vulnerable of society just doesn’t seen believable coming from his lips; on what basis is he credible?

    At least there was no brown bag in sight.

  13. I’d agree visually spotted post-tragedy safety concerns would be an issue. Problem is, there are none (or at least none reported). http://dailyreporter.com/blog/2010/09/08/files/2010/09/odonnell-parking-structure-field-inspection-nondestructive-testing-and-as-built-documentation.pdf Visual inspection of the fallen panel did show installation problems, but that was after it fell. It took removal of the adjacent panel to see it’s installation problems. That, and the subsequent radar, ultrasound and videoscope testing that was done and found 98% of the panels out of installation compliance is not the stuff of ordinary inspections.

    Normally I’d be worried about the Dem’s attack on Walker’s qualifications for governor. But, if the Republicans are smart they have the same planned for Barrett. It may be a hard pill to swallow for some, but Walker’s administrative resume, however sullied, is significant compared to Barrett’s. This is all going to play out quite interestingly.

  14. BDad. From what I recall reading the paper after the incident, one could tell from looking at the remaining panels (prior to removing them for this thorough inspection and report) that the fastening elements were not consistently installed. That is what I am referring to. It goes to the issue of budget cuts, I’m guessing, that a more thorough visual inspection was not a priority before the accident; afterward the panels were looked at with a new urgency. Too late.

    I also seem to remember reading in a Madison paper that the budgeting and inspection process for similar public spaces there were comparably managed in a more responsible way.

    All this aside, I think there should be a totally outside audit on the inspection, process, and internal communications regarding this issue.

    I wouldn’t trust any politician in this situation and certainly not the guy who could be responsible in some way due to lack of maintenance or responsible inquisition.

  15. Oops. Just realized Walker’s new ad is in response to the mental health scandal, not O’Donnell park. Getting my Milwaukee County scandals confused, I guess.

  16. I’ve got good friends who have bid on O’Donnell Park work in the past. From talking to them, last thing they are visually inspecting for is whether or not the panels are installed correctly. That’s the responsibility of the project manager for the county. The parking garage, and therefore the panels, should never have been accepted if not constructed correctly. The follow on inspections are geared towards abnormal wear/tear and other problems. They wouldn’t even have picked up that the panels were installed incorrectly, without more thorough inspections, which are not par for the course.

  17. It’s so foolish how our elections are conducted. Instead of focusing on real issues and problems, we pay attention to drivel and meaningless attacks.
    In this case, it was O’Donnell who possibly cut corners and awarded the contract to a contractor who should be hung by his privates. Walker has nothing to do with any of it. Certainly no one with an ounce of common sense expects that leaders actually do the work “on the ground”. How many of you have checked the roof on your house to see if there are three nails in every shingle? Can’t we get serious about things?

  18. @La gallina. Curious that you attack with righteousness any discussion of Scott Walker’s failings as ‘drivel and meaningless attacks’ to those who are not buying in to his leadership skills. Yet, in the sentences following, you employ drivelish phrases like ‘hung by his privates’, and denounce those critical of your guy with your own meaningless attack of others for lacking common sense and deem others’ opinions as unimportant.

    For me, Walker’s egregious mismanagement of Milwaukee County services are real issues and real problems. Sorry you don’t see it that way, I can only guess as to the source of your unquestionable allegiance to Mr. Walker. You don’t come across as objective, and someone who is likely to influence me, if that is your intent.

  19. “So it has absolutely nothing to do with the lack of maintenance or inspections on the facilities. Absolutely nothing.”

    Yes, that is correct.

    Does that mean that the left won’t try and spin it? Of course they will.

    And for the record, where exactly was the vague threat there?

  20. No. I’d heard otherwise. How dies one get an independent opinion on this subject?

  21. Think of it as a lawsuit.

    Who would you sue?

    The sitting executive who had nothing to do with the design or build of the facility, or the construction firm that did not follow the plans and cheaped out?

    It is not a defense it is simply a fact that Scott Walker had nothing to do with the design or build of that project. The flaw had nothing to do with maintenance.

    The only people trying to place blame there have something to gain by doing so.

    As I said earlier I think it will backfire on them.

  22. Think of it as a lawsuit. Did Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker have a duty to forsee the safety of the county buildings?

    Love ya’ Fred, but I’m going to need a less dependent opinion on this one.