Blog talk: left and right

Why bother reading the blogs. If you stick to the left there are dozens to scan, but you’d better be ready to proclaim Ron Johnson as crazy and Scott Walker as incompetent or you can’t play. On the right it’s not much better. That crowd screams like madmen if you happen to call Tom Barrett a nice guy and concede Russ Feingold voted your way on the last financial reform bill.

Stay on your side of the street. Don’t you dare consider an issue instead of a candidate. In short, Smoke my Kool-Aid and you’ll be fine.

But that’s just not who I am. I’m betting there are a few thousand others in Wisconsin who might think like me. We tend to lean one way or another most of the time, but every once in a while, a candidate or issue comes forward that moves our vote in a different direction.

I’m not saying that has or will happen for me, but I am saying if someone dares to express such an opinion here, you’d better darn well allow it.

We’re headed into the final stretch in the midterm races. Let’s be careful out there.


  1. There are a few bloggers who are courageous enough to reveal centrist thoughts or admit they aren’t concerned about complying with party lines. “From Where I Sit” and Nick Schweitzer come to mind. I think the left and libertarian-leaning blogs tend to have both creators and commenters who appreciate any well-reasoned discussion. It’s the right-wing blogs that seem to attract the personal insults and demand compliance with the party line.

    So you’re ready to join the march and chant “Be Reasonable”?

  2. For such a liberal thinker you sure like to pigeonhole things Mr. Foust. I think that was a simple declaration that I’ve gotta be me. Resist the urge to categorize.

  3. Look on the bright side. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything bad about Neumann here.

  4. For the record, I don’t think anyone has called RoJo, “Crazy.” Disingenuous? Certainly. Evasive? Without a doubt. Singularly unprepared to face the challenges in Congress? Absolutely. Crazy? No.

    Walker, on the other hand, can’t present a workable budget, has sapped nearly ten percent of county government employees’ spending ability by injudicious use of furloughs, and has an abysmal record on long-term maintenance in favor of short-term accounting tricks. His campaign has been an embarassment and he will tell us that he can create a quarter of a million jobs within seconds of telling us that government can not create jobs at all. Wisconsin will be a worse place if Walker is given access to the levers of power and, IMHO, he will do as much as anyone to wreck the WisGOP brand for the following decade.

    I will vote for Barrett because he has a better understanding of the problems facing the state and will be less likely to be distracted by social issues. He has, by far, a stronger running mate, a better platform and a more competent record of accomplishment.

  5. mr.(?) grumps. Do you think Barrett will win? Would he not have to have a huge Democratic turn out in Madison, unfailing union turnout, and at least some crossover of Independents & Republicans disenchanted with the state GOP ‘franchise’ and their Godfather politicking? Is that reasonable to expect?

  6. Grumps: Oh yes, the left called Mr. Johnson crazy. It’s what prompted the post. I’m a wee bit link deprived right now, but I’ll find it eventually and get back to you.

  7. @RL I’m not a great predicter of what my fellow Badger might or might not do. I’ve been around long enough to recognize that the TEA kerfuffle is already fading on the ground. As a phenomenon it has lasted better than most but the GOP check-writers will soon figure out another way to further their agenda that’s a little mor eeasily controlled.

    2010 is up for grabs in truly ugly ways. That an unprepared dissembling neophyte could be seen to have a chance against one of the most principled senators we’ve ever seen casts doubt on the decision-making skills of a large portion of the electorate.

    “Take back our government,” isn’t an issue when it’s falling from the lips of a guy who’s been suckling at the public teat as long as Walker has so much as it is a fuzzy-headed prayer. It’ll make you feel good in Decenber but it won’t make your life any better when you’re old and gray.

    I don’t think there’s as much love outstate for Walker as you’d like to believe and they’re already primed to believe the worst after hearing him trashed by Neumann and Green. I’m not sure either side has much reason to sleep easy with six weeks to go.

  8. @grumps. For the record I’d never vote for Walker (pretty much in agreement of your assessment of that one) and can’t see myself voting for Barrett for a number of reasons.

    Frankly, any choice from Milwaukee is a bad option from my outstater’s vantage point. Cesspool in more ways than one.

    My biggest issue with Johnson is whether he also is a puppet of the WISGOP. The more he maneuvers the more suspicious I become. I have never voted for Russ Feingold in any previous election.

    The menu is not appealing for November.

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    ” That an unprepared dissembling neophyte could be seen to have a chance against one of the most principled senators we’ve ever seen casts doubt on the decision-making skills of a large portion of the electorate.”

    You have described the 2008 presidential election and it’s results exactly.

    And given your future outlook for this year’s election you best plan a fishing trip to an isolated location on November 3rd, at least as far as the results nationally.