C-omedy SPAN

Today comedian Stephen Colbert will testify before a Democratically controlled House committee concerning illegal immigrants taking jobs as farm workers. His credentials–one day on a farm in New York State as part of his TV show. In a nation where that gives him more experience in a position than the chief executive had before being elected to his job–I guess makes this okay.

It was interesting that when reading HuffPo’s article on this I noticed that the workers were referred to as “undocumented immigrants”. This shameless ” if we call it something else maybe they won’t notice” approach parallels the post “The Name Game“.


  1. I prefer the term Undocumented Democrats.

  2. randy in Richmond says:

    That’s pretty good, never heard that one.

  3. *eye roll*

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    Well, they did it. Here’s a couple of accounts of how it went.



    You might have noticed that Politico’s headline reads ” Colbert ‘Made Mockery’ of Congress”. I would suggest that the Democratic leadership who arranged this farce ‘made a mockery of Congress’. Another reason why on November 2nd many *heads will roll*.

  5. nice try at humor, randy. usually the violence mixed with elected officials is more of a miss than a hit–but you tried.

    colbert made a mockery? yeah, he did. it was stupid. young people watched though.