Time will Tell

Recently President Obama made this statement as he asked for patience on his failed and unwanted policies (sound familiar ? ) :

“It took time to free the slaves. It took time for women to get the vote. It took time for workers to get the right to organize.”

And he’s right. To free the slaves it took almost 250 years. For women to get the vote it took over 300 years. And for the workers to organize it was roughly 250–300 years.

In about a month American’s will decide whether or not to give the Obama agenda more time. Remember he’s only had 1 & 3/4 years in office along with a huge majority in Congress to get us where we are today. Based on his own statement he only needs about 250 more years.


  1. La gallina says:

    He failed to mention that it only took 50 years to turn us from a nation of independent people to a nation of socialist beggars. It has only taken his term to completely trash the Constitution and the limits of power with his use of czars…and the weak acquiescence of Congress and the Supremes. Look at what Hugo Chavez did and I believe that is what Obama wants…to be “el presidente” forever!

  2. I have to talk about Mr. Chavez in the next couple of days. An interesting thing happened when downing a liter of Sangria…