Feingold’s fancy footwork fails

Here’s the advert he’s about to edit. The NFL doesn’t appreciate Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold stealing their footage.

So, is Feingold really that in touch with reality? I mean the rest of us are expected to follow the rules. Even NFL rules. 😉

PS – I expect this embedded footage won’t last very long. Watch while you can!


  1. Dan (not Vegas Dan or Dan H) says:

    Damn Jews!

    I’m kidding!

    But seriously, give them Jews an inch and they’ll take a mile. Or, in this case, one hundred yards and a NFL touchdown.

    I’m kidding!

  2. Felix Leiter says:

    He just can’t capture the “magic” again, can he?

  3. Or not.

    1) You are a quick study. Thanks for clarifying your identity.
    2) Please be careful. It’s funny, but it’s close to off color. I’m not one for political correctness, so I’ll let it stand, but the world should know it was your comment, not mine.

    Felix: That’s a brilliant summary. I missed Feingold: the beginning, but from what I hear, he did ride a wave. Looks like the beach might be dry this time.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    How’s James doing ?

  5. Felix Leiter says:

    I understand that James has a doctor’s appointment today.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m sure Miss Moneypenny will remind him.