Is it just me, or does Russ Feingold sound whiny?

(Yes, I’m up. Between a slight cold and several hours of jet lag, I’m up. Boo!)

So the MJS puts this piece out today on how Feingold defended himself in front of the editorial board. The problem is, I didn’t see Feingold live up to his expectations of Johnson.

Where’s the jobs plan? Where are specifics to cut the deficit? Right. Right. He has a plan to cut “half a trillion dollars over 10 years.” Um, why is he just waiting until now to get around to it?

Feingold was whiny. Or, perhaps it’s the article the makes Feingold sound whiny, but I have to say: I’m not any more likely to vote for a whiny career politician than I am to vote for a candidate without solid plans. I’ve lived through Feingold’s ineffectiveness. Might as well give someone else a chance.

PS: Russ Feingold, with a campaign stash like yours paying someone’s car insurance, shut the heck up about your opponent’s funding. You’re quickly moving from disingenuous to slimebag.