Following the money in the Vukmir/Sullivan race

Here are the pre-primary reports for Leah Vukmir and Jim Sullivan. They are candidates for the 5th district Senate seat in Wisconsin where Sullivan is the incumbent.

For the most recent period Vukmir brought in $30,000, paid out $20,000, and had about $130,082 for cash on hand.

There was nothing that caught my eye for donations, but a $510 expense to Midwest Airlines for candidate travel didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

For the most recent period Sullivan brought in about $33,500, spent about $14,500, and had about $138,730 for cash on hand.

Sullivan had a donation from someone with the same name from Mexico. He also had a lot of money from outside the district and a lot of attorneys on the list.

So, going into the final stretch, these two are about tied. I have seen a few Vukmir signs around. I have not seen any Sullivan signs.

I am curious, though, with about three weeks to go, as to when we will start seeing something from the two candidates. It’s very quiet out there.