No way to start a morning

Ok, the blog went wacko again this morning. I don’t know what’s up, but I do know to do much else I need to do a reinstall, and that means you aren’t going to have a blog to read over the next few days.

These things rarely go well in my experience. (Wimper, wimper.)

The other thing that’s freaking me out a bit is this:

It’s a first. It’s also a link to a page that isn’t on the blog. In other words, how did they get there?

Where are the magic covers when you need them?


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Maybe it’s me they’re looking for. I see their entry was on one of my posts.
    Did I misspell inept ?

  2. No, I think that word is right. 😉

  3. Usa, a small city in Japan…? Yes that is true. It could be , like the White, it is not the real thing. On the other hand….remember Nixon’s ‘hit list’? Randy, seen any black SUV’s with dark tinted glass parked in the ‘hood’ recently? 🙂

  4. That last one is kind of the picture I had in mind. He’s such a trouble maker, you know.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Not yet. My ‘hood’ is very historic and a pretty neat place to be. Can they still draft you in the ‘ah’, autumn of life ? I think I’m still 1A.

    I just caught the Usa reference. That’s pretty sharpe on your part. It does make one wonder.

  6. Wilson828 says:

    Move to a Mac and things will go better.

    Poor randy…… Wear sunglasses and a trench coat when you gout today.

    Going to NYC today for weekend …. Sitting on the plane playing with the iPad.

  7. Well…this really sucks. I was hoping to read your take on the debate last night. I don’t always agree with you but I love your delivery. One thing though…your “Blackballed” post… I’ve been thinking about it. Why (really) would you care what others think of you. And…when I say “others” I mean your fellow conservative bloggers who obviously have issues? I was surprised because it sounded as if you were almost surrendering to them just to appease them. I do hope I read it wrong…because they aren’t worth thinking about. Stay true to who you are!

  8. CK. I am in agreement with mew. Always enjoy your take on topics (but usually agree, although I refuse to bite the bullet and vote Walker) and find your quick insight a refreshing experience in comparison to your boy-blogger counterparts. They seem stodgy, predictable and clubbish. You are different, and my marketing motto is, ‘different is always better’. As a consumer of blogs, you are my first stop. 🙂

  9. mew – thank you. I admit I get soft sometimes. Fitting in would be so much easier.

    RL, that is a really hard bullet to chomp on. What are you going to do? I hate this feeling of hopelessness when it comes to either candidate.

    (PS: Wilson828 – no hating on my PC. This time it was a WordPress issue and would have been the same on any computer.)

  10. I cannot imagine anything that would entice, coerce, or analytically convince me to vote for Walker for so many reasons, but it reduces to an overwhelming distrust of the guy. From his sketchy departure from MU (I see you have a post on that, but haven’t read it yet) to the party manipulation in play that gave conservative voters such a vapid choice for leadership, to his snarkiness and polished expertise at being such a slimy politician in every statement he gives, he is so unappealing to me I’d never vote for him.

    While I don’t prefer the politics of Barrett, I do think he is of better character. Less controlled by others, and is less of a seedy political type. Having both candidate options being from the worst managed city/county in the state (and beyond) provides for a pathetic choice on election day.

    I am seriously considering writing in Neumann.
    Or not voting for governor.

    I would consider Barrett if he didn’t have such an egregious history on his late term abortion votes. But it will come down to the day, dependent upon what hits the news in the weeks to come. My guess is either guy is a one-termer and hopefully the best guy who was in the race, Mark Neumann, will eventually get the backing he deserves from the party mucky-mucks. Too bad it will take years to get to that point.

  11. If I were voting Republican…Neumann would have been my choice over Walker. Neumann should have won and it’s too bad all the damning reports against Walker came out after the primary.

    The thing about Walker that I cannot stand is he puts money over people. I understand we need jobs in Wisconsin…and we need to keep taxes down…but we also need to treat each other with respect and compassion. The only thing I see coming from Walker is contempt. He’s an elitist. A politician through and through. Recently…I read something like…”substance vs ambition” on FB…when a person was comparing Barrett to Walker…and I agree.