Presidential Bullying

Did you hear the remarks President Obama made when he started attacking the National Chamber of Commerce. Among other things he said:

just this week, we learned that one of the largest groups paying for these ads regularly takes in money from foreign corporations.

When he says “just this week” he is referring to a study by none other than the group, ‘Think Progress’. If you are not familiar with this group,well, let’s just say they lean to the left. And what the report stated on this issue is correct–should be end of story. But no, not so for the President who accused the Chamber of using foreign money to affect US elections-with zero proof. He’s already backing off-somewhat. It’s interesting that the Chamber and Think Progress are each in the 501(c) classifications for IRS purposes and thus fall under similar guidelines. I don’t remember the President calling on Think Progress to provide evidence of where their money goes. From a NYT article here is what a spokesperson for Think Progress says concerning this:

Some donors choose to make public what they are giving us, but others don’t, and we respect that,” said Jennifer M. Palmieri, the center’s senior vice president for communications.

And she’s correct. Just as she’s correct for the Chamber. Neither organization is doing anything illegal. This is Chicago style bullying by the President at the highest level. He and his party are desperate because I believe it is starting to sink in that for the next two years at least one branch of Congress will be in the other camp.


  1. He and his party invented this and do exactly the same thing.

    If he showed an ounce of concern about what the left doing the same thing he might have a point.

    He is just another left wing hypocrite

  2. Randy, a few days ago you discredited a source I used by saying ” I don’t go to the foxhole to determine if the foxes ate the chicken. ” The author of the article you link to uses the very same source.

    How do you plead?

    Btw, kudos to They did an excellent job of getting to the truth of the matter.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Gee, am I on trial ?

    My memory is I linked quite a few articles. To which one do you refer ?

  4. The article that you link to in your first sentence:

    And yes, you’re on trial. The charge: unsportsmanlike conduct. 😉

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Dan R
    And I didn’t go to the ‘foxhole’. But yes, the author with whom I agreed did go there. Years ago when I refereed basketball I learned a universal truth, it’s not who’s right–but what’s right that is really important. In this instance it appears we agree on the ‘what’ and I plead no contest. I would say I deserve a ‘technical’ foul. 🙂

  6. the US Supreme Court made legal what some political practice has always been. even our most cherished institutions like Boy Scouts and Red Cross partake in philosophical/political debates. The good part is that it is a 1st amendment right per the highest court. The bad part is that the membership and contributors to these traditional american institutions have no say in where their money goes. this leads me to to this question: what chance does an average person have with no big money to campaign for election ?