Running Up the Score

Talk about desperation. In the past few days we have seen the definition of this word in action, by both President Obama and Vice President Biden. With critical elections in the Senate, the House, and governorships all over America, and many very close, these stalwart Democrats went to Delaware to speak on behalf of Chris Coons, who is running for the Senate. Seems logical right ? Not really. In the latest Real Clear Politics poll average for Coons vs Republican Christine O’Donnell, Coons is ahead by 17.6 points.

So why did they go there ? I will give Biden a small break, Deleware is his home state. But did Coons really need his help ? I think not. No, their appearences at a done deal election goes to the basic definition of liberal thinking, one of the liberal core beliefs-that being form over substance. First, it allowed them to be associated with a candidate who is ahead, not only in the numbers, but of a tried and true tea party style candidate. This movement has struck fear in the Democratic party and a chance to shine the light on one of them losing cannot be lost. Plus, Coons is a candidate that can associate with Obama because he hasn’t had to vote for any of his failed policies- yet. Form over substance. Also Conns, earlier in his life’s journey, was a self-admitted admirer of Karl Marx.

Secondly, Obama and Biden were not really campaigning for Coons, they were campaigning for- Obama and Biden. They are looking ahead to 2012 and desperately need to be shown as a winning team about–anything. Rest assured the spinners and pundants will point to their Delaware visit and say, see–they went there and helped a candidate defeat one of those feared (they’ll use another word here) teabaggers. It won’t be mentioned that Coons was over 17 points ahead in the polls. Form over substance.

And interestingly this race is perceived and being touted as a gain for the Democrats in the Senate. It will not be as this is the seat formerly held by VP Biden.


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Was watching the pundits on CNN the other day, and they speculated that Obama/Biden were going to DE to try and frame O’Donnell, and make her the national image of the Republican party. Interesting take on their appearances there, but it didn’t seem to happen that way. One of the pundits had noted that no one would pay attention to their DE visits, so it wouldn’t work/matter anyway.

  2. I saw the same, bdad. Fox was using the same argument that day.

    I think they just want to be able to say they campaigned for a winning candidate. 🙂

  3. Isn’t this just politics though? They’re trying to take away some sort of victory out of an otherwise bleak situation.

    And all politicans use form over substance to some degree. Campaigning is a beauty pageant for the most part isn’t it?

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    If “campaigning is a beauty pagent”, please tell me what title our President has been trying to win for the past 22 months?

  5. Re-election of his fellow party members and, I would assume, himself in a couple of years. Judging by his numbers, he probably thinks the earlier, the better.

    All I’m saying is that politicans are always talking away moral victories like this in order to make themselves, and their followers feel better about situations that are otherwise bleak. It’s a glass half full thing.

  6. Cindy,Cindy. “he was an admirer of Karl Marx”. you mostly cite precedent in your comments and i assume you have one. slogans today come from many who have no idea of their history. with all this name calling how about a poll of who has read Karl Marx . add some other writings and you will get a very low percentage. Milwaukee history is that the socialist party was in power for a long time. lets not forget the abuse of the abolitionists, the doves, hawks and captitalists (tea pot dome scandal). slogans are just that. slogans. they have no substance and leave it to our imagination and thought process. Lincoln was against slogans even though his promoters used them (rail splitter/indian killer). in my readings Lincoln was neither. this is a complex subject . so be it.

  7. Dick, Dick. It’s not me. 🙂

  8. i read the Randy blog again and realized it is not you Cindy. then i saw your comment. my sincere apologies to you.

  9. No problem. Just didn’t want others to be confused.