Two weeks from tomorrow it’s Scott Walker’s to lose.

The latest poll shows Walker at 50% and Tom Barrett at 41%. The margin of error is 5 points given the 402 people surveyed. In theory, Barrett could be 46 and Walker 45, but that’s pushing it a bit I think.

One of the reasons I pushed so hard for the real conservative in the Republican primary was because of the Republican slant this race seems to be taking. I have said it before, but Walker’s not my idea of the perfect governor.

So, in two weeks I will likely be asking Scott Walker to prove me wrong. Stop all that pay to play. Show a little leadership instead of following someone else’s every whim. Don’t run from your responsibilities. And for goodness sakes, be careful about how you choose your friends.

In short, if you win, be the governor this state deserves, not the one we expect.


  1. Has Walker ever once risen above expectations?

  2. Ouch, grumps. Truth jab.

  3. Grumps point exemplified:

    When the Greater Milwaukee Commission pseudo-released a report stating Milwaukee County was going broke, Walker said, “See! I told you so!”

    IOW, Walker said he would fail, and he did.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    You’re most likely losing your boss. You must have mixed emotions. But then again, you win either way the election goes, sort of.

  5. Au contraire, I lose either way.

    If Walker loses the election, I am stuck with him and his illegal budgeting. If he wins, I am stuck with him and his illegal budgeting, but on a much grander scale.

    The best hope is to keep the damage isolated to a small part of the state until he pulls a Sarah Palin and quits mid-term.

  6. capper. I did not understand why Walker would give such an unthoughtful response. Even if he told the world ‘so’, how does that provide leadership? Other than on a schoolyard playground, I haven’t heard that type of response in a long while.

    Why did he not fix what he ‘knew’?

    What would he do as governor in Madison, say ‘ See, I told you so! ” there also?

    So, why would he choose that response, I wonder? (They do think through what they will say in a campaign, don’t they? Or am I making too big of an assumption?)

    I can’t decide if he is a Chicken Little or an Eddie Haskell.

  7. Most definitely Eddy Haskell.

    The GMC is headed by Michael Grebe, an ultra-neocon who is also Walker’s campaign manager. I think that the report was supposed to be supportive of Walker’s stance, but it backfired on them badly and Barrett was able to capitalize on this. The thing that scares me is the people who see the County falling apart before their eyes, women being raped at the mental health complex and buildings falling and killing teenage boys, and still say “So?”

  8. To see no connection to the guy in charge and the horrendous string of County scandals is frightful for our state. In any other industry the guy would be canned, not elevated to the next big gig.

  9. Walker is notorious for avoiding responsibility. He could be caught over a dead body, bloody knife in his hand and blood splatter on his clothes, and he’d blame some guy down the street, and the local pundits would lynch the innocent man.

    (I’m not referring to Cindy, BTW, but to talk radio and the echo chamber.)

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    I doubt if Walker quits that he will become a huge part in helping to motivate his party’s base to the extent that a President on top of the world less than two years ago will be relegated to a lame duck for his final two years. And his quitting probably won’t help multiple people get elected to Congress to wrestle at least one house from the Democrats and motivate numerous independant, conservative women to seek and some get elected as part of the political process. Nor will he most likely be able to help raise millions of dollars for himself and others in his party or $1 million in one night to help a college, as just one example. But you never know, he might just quit–but not like Sarah Palin.

  11. Here’s a scary thought: Both Walker and Kleefisch are elected, Walker pulls a Palin mid term.

  12. Dan R. Well, that is an appropriately goulish thought for the season. I’m sure Kleefisch is a fine person, but I’d never, ever want her running the show. I find her a little unqualified to be Walker’s ‘job czar’. Seriously?

    I know of one staunch fiscal conservative that is already hoping for a Walker recall, if elected. Evidently you must wait one year to begin a recall. So maybe your freaky thought is not so unbelievable?

  13. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Still… trying to prevent inside thoughts from becomming outside words.

  14. Hey, these are about as inside as my thoughts get on this issue. It’s not much on the front of my mind any more.

    —Update— Except…

    Someone just tweeted something that kind of struck to my core. I need to rethink my decision to not upset the apple cart. It is rather unlike me to go along to get along. But then you already knew that…

  15. ‘(Scott Walker)…not my idea of the perfect governor.’ I would settle for mediocre, but don’t believe he can hit that level. Anyone remember the Peter Principle? With Walker we will have a governor that has exceeded his level of incompentency. I shudder when I think of Ms. Kleefisch and any remote possibility that she could become governor.

  16. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Go Cindy. Go Cindy. Go Cindy.