PolitiFact Wisconsin inflames left and right

From the left this morning in response to this post:

The Journal Sentinel’s PolitiFact feature continues its forced march towards utter stupidity.

From the right a couple of days ago:


I think both sides have also offered the fact-checking service hugs here and there, too.

What do I think?

Kerching kerching boy*

I have seen a remarkable rhythm to all this political fact checking.

1) Pick a Dem and be supportive; pick a GOP and be negative; pick a Dem and be negative; pick a GOP and be supportive.

2) Manipulate the facts in order to obtain this type of pattern.

3) Strive to be relevant in a political world where fact-checking means less than the newspaper on which the results are printed.

Oh grow up out there. Find some clarity to this election. Please?

*My thanks to the Ting Tings.