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This is one freaking impressive commercial. Tell me what you think:


  1. I agree

  2. I heard a political strategist for the Democrats make similar comments this morning. He compared the U. S. to the British empire and was concerned that the country was losing its status in the world.

  3. I had an interesting conversation with Son #2 and DIL yesterday. She proclaimed China could have hegemonic status. I tend to agree. Many societies have survived and even thrived without being #1. However, I’m not wild about actually working for the Chinese.

    Another interesting point from CNN today was a spot they are doing on blacks and debt. One pastor is accounting for it as slavery. I agree with that as well.

    So we are slaves to the Chinese?

    We absolutely need to figure out the spending problem. The new crop going in has got to understand that is the very first goal.

  4. Excelent commercial. It scares the crap out of people. And scared people vote.

    Other than that it’s pretty much crap in a can.

  5. “The new crop going in has got to understand that is the very first goal.”

    Without a return to near NARU, the only answer to resolving our debt is default. Our first priority should be jobs. Reducing our debtload runs a distant second.

  6. Speaking of crap, we buy most of what China produces. Being that we’re their biggest customer, it seems to me that they’re as dependent upon us as we are them. By shipping decent paying jobs over to China we’ve helped create the economic powerhouse that they’ve become. We may be our own worst enemy.

  7. Indeed our desire to consume is a huge American weakness. (IMHO)

    I also seriously worry about our decision to stop producing in this country. When I look at the new service economy I sense that I see a false economy. One shout that the emperor has no clothes, and we’re in for it.

  8. “I also seriously worry about our decision to stop producing in this country”

    Ah but we haven’t made that decision in this country.

  9. Fine. We’re producing at 1999 2000 levels. We didn’t stop.

  10. So this commercial implies that the US was taken over by a communist country with a capitalist economy. This would mean the US should become a communist country in order to compete? This is pure crap, lousy propaganda. Oooooo I’m shaking in my boots, gtfo of here with this garbage. Take your brains out of the washer and think.

  11. However I do agree with most of the comments here regarding manufacturing and our ridiculous consumption of cheap Chinese goods that is only enabled by corporate desire for the cheapest labor possible.

  12. Thanks for stopping by, but that’s not how I interpreted the commercial. It’s satirical. It’s intended to encourage thought.

    Like, you know, before you write a comment like that first one. 🙂

  13. Sandra Gillotte says:

    Extremely racist!! I have a grandson who is half Japanese and serving as a soldier in Iraq. I think is grossly fear mongering and plays to the big money that’s behind your non profit organization.
    And your porker selections..interesting how the finger is pointing only at the Democrats. The list is too long to mention on the GOP side??

  14. And Japanese plays into this commercial in what way?

    Such intelligence. Such eloquence.

    I’m not enjoying my job too much today. It’s like I’m offering to be dipped in a vat a stupid. May be time for a new hobby.

  15. Randy in Richmond says:

    Don’t feel that way Cindy, especially given all the money your nonprofit provides you. And that stupid vat–apparently it’s already full.