Monday Hangover

After reading an entertainment article this morning it occurred to me there was a parallel between it and the recent NPR fiasco. The common thread is that both stories illustrate hypocrisy at it’s best (or worse ). I’m referring to the story that Mel Gibson has been released from appearing in the movie sequel, Hangover II, as a tatoo artist. It was to be a cameo role and a very small part. Apparently the cast and crew objected to Mr. Gibson appearing in the movie because of his recent rants on phone messages and perhaps his anti-semite utterances while intoxicated. Fair enough.

However, there were no objections to Mike Tyson appearing in the first film. That’s the boxer Tyson who was convicted of sexual assualt on an 18 year old woman and who spent three years in jail for his crime. Apparently, actually committing a serious physical crime against someone else is not as bad as being a jerk and a drunk.