Walker panders to the business owners

He wants to eliminate – not stabilize or reduce, but eliminate – the state corporate income tax according to the MJS.

I have mentioned before that I think it’s terribly disingenuous to say you can lower taxes in Wisconsin given the current deficits and looming pensions. Why can’t Scott Walker tell me, instead, where he would eliminate spending equal to the current corporate tax revenue?

Oh, right. No one wants to deal with that.

Yes, I do believe a reasonable taxation creates a more valuable job climate. I also think the business climate will be very pleased to have the future of their taxation nailed down, but that needs to come from the national level, too. Suggesting to a business that they might not pay state corporate taxes if he’s elected is solicitation, not sound thinking. (It’s the spending, stupid. Show me you can manage the spending.)

Who thinks Scott Walker will ever be able to make good on his idea? Every budget he’s ever made has been shot down by the current governing body. At some point he should figure out he’s ineffective. In fact, I’d bet Tonette manages the home budget given his inability to face reality.

Why this stuff comes out of his mouth is as much a mystery to me as his lead in the polls.


  1. Thanx Cindy for the story. repeal the corporate income tax? form a corporation and pay no income taxes. every person will be known as INC. you are correct. government needs money to operate. sounds like a payback deal. even congress would not touch this one. can you find out from where did this come.

  2. Adding another $1.63 billion to a state budget that already has a deficit of $3.0 billion seems counterintuitive.

  3. Only counteruntuitive Zach when you start to think about where jobs come from.

    It is only counterintuitive to those of you who work in government.

  4. “Suggesting to a business that they might not pay state corporate taxes if he’s elected is solicitation, not sound thinking. ”

    Oh exactly. And it shows the true depth of his economic policy. There isn’t any. Just more “tax cuts pay for themselves” drivel.

    If Walker is truly sincere about eliminating the state corporate income tax, then one would hope he would be honest with the voters and declare himself a dove regarding the state budget deficit.

    I’ll be waiting for the press conference.

  5. Fred, I know how jobs are made, and I still think this is a bad idea.

    Our business climate will appreciate knowing of a solid plan to reduce spending. I don’t think a promise to eliminate corporate taxes he can’t possibly fulfill is a good idea.

  6. And if Walker plans on cutting taxes and firing, say, a few thousand government workers to pay for the cuts, I would assume that he’ll make it clear that, if elected, high unemployment is not a priority since the state jobless rate will, no doubt, go up and not down. Afterall, the data suggests that lack of sales (not corporate taxes rates) is the primary cause of employers holding back on hiring workers.

    Again, I’m sure he’ll make this clear in the near future.

  7. Fred, I’d love to hear you explain how adding $1.63 billion to a budget deficit of $3.0 billion will make it easier for anyone to balance the state’s budget.