Young America fights back

I will say it’s a tough time to be launching kids. It’s really hard on their spirit to have trained or be training for a career when there are no prospects for employment.


  1. My niece graduated last year, with a less than stellar gradepoint, in a tough field. However, through networking by friends/family, she was offered a job at a huge international PR firm with a local office. She wanted to work in NYC, was holding out for a job there. However, her dad came to the rescue, told her to get back to Milwaukee and accept that job offer. She did.

    Now she’s working in the field that she majored in, travelling for work, which she loves and has opportunities to relocate to offices worldwide. Her fellow graduates ask her how she got her “foot in.” Graduates: use your imagination, creativity and faith in yourself. Accept opportunities that may not seem exactly what you want. You can turn those opportunities into a career, but take the leap when something comes your way, even if it’s not “perfect.”

    I wish my other niece, attending Dartmouth, majoring in economics, good luck. She’s currently working a semester unpaid “internship.” Somehow, I don’t think she’d have accepted the PR job. Will see where she is in 10 years compared to the other niece who attended a UW state school, and who didn’t have any financial advantages when growing up.

  2. Sounds like your shunned niece is doing the right thing too. Sometimes you have to take an unpaid internship within your prospective career in order to network and get your foot in the door to something paid. I think that’s great.

    Hey look on the bright side, she could be “finding herself” by taking “some time off” after her studies.

  3. it is not unusual for a young/er person to search for their base. ala bill gates. some find it by necessity to support a family, some have good luck and some never give up. we were taught that persistency is a virtue. when done the right way it works.