I love Sharron Angle!

She stole my heart with this one.

The Nevada GOP Senate nominee sent a flower arrangement to “The View” co-host Joy Behar on Wednesday, one day after the Behar called Angle a “bitch,” and a “moron,” and saying she’s “going to hell.”

Turns out Angle raised $150,000 on Tuesday and wanted to express her appreciation, spokesman Jarrod Agen said. The note sent to ABC’s New York studios read:


Raised $150,000 online yesterday—thanks for your help.

Sincerely, Sharron Angle”

Here’s the cut:


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    What a cool, smart move by Angle. What a classless, bitter reply by Behar.

    And it’s interesting that Behar actually believes illegal aliens can vote.

    But on a deeper level what a metaphor for the difference between a conservative and a liberal.

  2. I give the second babe to the right of Behar a two thumbs up.

    I know, it’s not relevant. But damn! She’s good looking!

  3. The Lorax says:

    what a cacophonous din.