I love this story. Poor little Lisa Murkowski’s write-in effort appeared to get a boost from a judge earlier this week when he ruled that Alaska’s precincts would each have to provide a list of all write-in candidates.This over-ruled a lower court’s judgement that the list would not be required. The Judge made today the deadline for write-in candidates to file. At last count there were at least 150 people registered to be included on the list. Murkowski may yet win but I love the moxie shown by those at least muddying the water in which she must tread.


  1. “Those seeking to qualify as write-in candidates must submit a letter of intent that includes their name and certifies that they’re Alaska residents.”

    Could they make it any easier? I’d do it just so that I can one day tell my grandchildren I ran for the senate. Moxie is my middle name.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    I agree. I wish I had the option.

  3. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    I cannot wait for the RINO’s and the TEA PARTIER’s to clash in the next Congress. It will be a spectacle. *grabs popcorn*