“Afraid, very afraid”

Just 2 short years ago the MSM was touting the brilliance of the American electorate. Now, Nina Totenberg of NPR, is “afraid, very afraid” of the same electorate. And Evan Thomas of Newsweek, as part of the same discussion said the upcoming elections “are kind of a joke“. These people of the same ilk were off the chart thrilled that in the last major election the junior senator from Illinois, with none to little qualifications for the most important office in the land was elected, yet now they are afraid of who’s going to Congress. One has to love the unabashed hypocrisy of these people who in other discussions would be trumpeting the “all men are created equal” clause from the Declaration of Independance.

Another truth the “joke” comments by NPR’s Totenberg show is the utter ridiculousness of NPR’s defense in the firing of Juan Williams. If the lofty “standards” they kept referring to as a primary reason for Williams firing were truly in place, should Totenberg be allowed to look down her elitest nose and condemn the American electorate all across the land ?

And yes, before the question is asked, many of us on the right will now regularly be quoting Ms Totenberg and others on NPR whereas before most of us had no idea who she was and paid little to no attention to the left’s partially state-sponsored radio.

A corollary from yesterday’s non-political rally in Washington,D.C. :


  1. Speaking of the rally, did you see that CBS reported over 200,000 attendees, they reported only 87,000 for the Beck rally. What a joke.

  2. Of all the ridiculously clever signs out there yesterday, you chose those two signs Randy? Come on. The “everybody poops” sign with donkey and elephant was a solid sign. Or how ’bout the “tea parties are for little girls.” sign?

    And BTW, all men are created equal, but that doesn’t mean that all men are created intelligent.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Hey Strupp, I didn’t write it, a fellow Virginian named Jefferson did and I agree with you. And those two signs corollate to my post. I really wanted to show the sign being held by the female referring to Christine McDonnell but I think Cindy would frown on it and I respect her judgement.

  4. Those signs appear to be floating in mid air. Photoshop?

  5. BrkfldDad says:
  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    Thanks BrkfldDad. I used Politico and they did a little cropping.

  7. ” “Yeah, Right, Like Jesus Would Have Been in Your Tea Party,” read a sign carried by Terry Holliday, 33, of West Virginia.”

    I agree. It’s hard to imagine someone as humble as Jesus hanging out with Joe Miller and Christine O’Donnell.


  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    Dan, it’s interesting that you chose two Republican candidates that are most likely going to lose. I won’t take the time to list the scores of Democrats in office who are going to lose or chose not to run again because they knew they couldn’t win. Miller and O’Donnell have governed zero on the national level so they have contributed nothing to our present state of what your Slate article calls “the broken political system”.

    Considering it’s the Democrats who have been in control of Congress for four years and with their own President for two, I totally agree “the system is broken”. Not often is it that I agree with Slate.

  9. Randy, I was making light of the sign. I chose those two Republicans because they’re closely associated with the Tea Party.

    Obviously Jesus had no problem with government taxation: “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s”. And we know he was a major league peacenik.

    If he were given a choice, he’d be hanging with the Dems.

  10. Dan R, for some reason I got the idea early on that you weren’t a Christian. Interesting that you are such an expert on all things related to such.

  11. No expert am I. When it comes to knowledge about Christianity I’m just your average Catholic.