Rest in Peace

A small part of my life was laid to rest yesterday as General Motors’ agreements with Pontiac dealers across America officially expired. Most everyone probably has a Pontiac story or connection, and some may even involve the back seat on a Saturday night after a movie and visit to the local drive-in. My first memory of a Pontiac is my uncle Jack’s woody station wagon (below) that as a very young kid I rode in to visit my grandparents’ country farm. Later I drove my father’s Bonneville, probably one of the biggest car’s ever made, to earn my first driver’s license.

From the Trans Am Burt and Sally fled in while being pursued by Jackie in Smokey and the Bandit to the GTO used in the Van Diesel movie XXX, the Pontiac has symbolized horsepower, romance, and speed. I will miss this part of Americano as it drives off into the sunset.


  1. My husband owned a Pontiac Grand Prix when I met him. My high school beau had a Trans Am – just like Smokey’s! Definitely the end of a era.

  2. The first car I ever had was a Pontiac. Its hard to believe they’re gone.

    Maybe someone will buy the brand, or in 10 years GM will bring it back. Who knows. The name has way to much goodwill to just let go.

  3. Me too! I took my driver’s test in a 68 Bonneville coupe. I was still driving it in the mid-80’s. It was never what I would call a pretty car, but oh could it move! Must have had a great transmission, never any hesitation.

  4. My whole life there’s been a Pontiac in it one way or another. I’m currently driving a Montana minivan until its last gasp.

  5. Ahh …1975 my first car was a 1971 bronze metallic Firebird Formula 400. My favorite car to this day!

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