A national sigh of relief

I’m not counting my chickens – you won’t find any predictions of who is in and who is out – but, it feels better already out there.

Oh, sure, a few are giddy. The expectations are for a good return in the Republican camp tonight. But I don’t really care about the details. All I know is that more Republicans will win and the stranglehold Democrats had on this nation the last couple of years will finally be relieved.

One this is for certain: when either party has control of the presidency and both houses that party fails miserably in the delivery of good government.

I’m breathing easier now that the hurdle to horrible legislation is higher. For anything to pass in the next couple of years, it’s going to have to take genuine cooperation from both parties.



  1. Randy in Richmond says:


    Today, on a radio broadcast to Las Vegas, the President said this:

    “The Latino vote is crucial and obviously when you look at some of the stuff that has been going on during this election campaign that has tried to fan anti-immigrant sentiment, I know that a lot of Latinos, you know, feel under assault,” he said.


    I felt the President might be mistaken and I was hoping someone out there could give an example of any candidate “trying to fan anti-immigrant sentiment”. Just to keep the President’s record straight–I thank you very much.

  2. “Millions of illegal aliens, swarming across our border, joining violent gangs, forcing families to live in fear,”


  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Dan R
    The President doesn’t use the word illegal anywhere in his statement. It is the 3rd word used in your quote from the ad. But I’m still hopeful someone will find an example to justify the President’s statement.