Dear, Mr. President

Mr. President, on November 4th, 2008 you were given the keys to America. You were presented with a majority proof Senate and House. You garnered 52.9% (thought it was higher, didn’t you) of the total vote. You replaced an unpopular President. Your Inauguration was heralded both here and worldwide. Your speech in Germany in July 2008 was a spectacle to behold. You literally had this country and much of the world in the palm of your hand. And in your Chicago Victory speech you said to us, the American people,” I will listen to you, especially when we disagree“. Your Presidential Approval Index was +28. Your total approval rating was a whopping 65%. That’s 12% more than voted for you. All of the Main Stream Media was behind you as well as academia, Hollywood, unions, the youth, minorities, and many others. An international organization even presented you with the Nobel Peace Prize only months into your term.

Well, here we are just two years later and quite frankly, Mr. President, you blew it big time. Yes, we know you inherited all this from the previous administration and it’s all their fault. Plus this nasty ‘party of no’ and those ‘teabaggers’ just will not go away.
And then there’s that Fox Network, those conservative radio hosts, and bloggers–yes, we know all this because–you keep telling us about them.

Mr. President, I could go on for pages about why you are where you are. And where is that ? Well, your Presidential Approval Index swings between -10 and -20. Your total approval rating is 50% and your total disapproval rating is 49%. There are few, if any, Democrats who ran for office that invoked any of your policies-passed or not. Many will say that this is no problem because Presidents Reagan and Clinton had similar ratings at this stage of their administrations. This is a strawman argument. Remember, Reagan had a Democratic Congress in his first two years. And there is a major difference between them and you, sir–they were not inept at their job and when elected they chose to govern, not continue campaigning. To paraphrase a famous Lloyd Bentsen quote, “Sir, you are no Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton.” You have taken us from “hope and change” to “fear and smear” in less than 2 years.

But even beyond all this Mr. President, is what you chose not to do. Even after telling us you would–you didn’t listen to us. Your lack of experience at managing anything led you to believe you really didn’t have to listen, because you could give a speech and make everything okay. That’s how it happens in a campaign, right. And Mr. President let me commend you for your campaigning prowess in 2008. Unfortunately there is a distinct difference between governing and campaigning. But Sir, it’s not all your fault. Many of us listened to your promises and were awed by your verbal elegance–believing you because you presented ideas so easily and understandable. You were going to Washington as a fresh face with no connections to the “politics as usual” crowd or those lowly lobbyists. And when you honestly told Joe the Plumber you believed in socialistic values, many of us just looked past that. Some said many of your associations in the past were with questionable, and even shady characters, but we wanted to believe this was being exaggerated as political hype. Just because in the past you dodged making distinct decisions over 130 times as an elected official and had no leadership experience to speak of–many believed this would not hinder your being President of the United States. It was assumed you would appoint honest and experienced people in important positions that would stay the course with you. Certainly you would not infiltrate the White House with those that would practice Chicago style tactics and politics. I could go on but my point is that maybe it’s not all your fault, that maybe we, the American people, expected too much of you–because we believed you. But today we did listen
to you Mr. President. You said “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun”. That probably would be wise advice in, say, Chicago. But today, all across America, we brought something even more powerful than a gun to the fight–we brought our individual vote.

I know not about your future, Mr. President, but after this election I feel better about our country’s next two years.


  1. “You have taken us from “hope and change” to “fear and smear””

    Thank God none of that fear and smear business took place on the right side of the aisle. 😉

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    My memory is that it wasn’t the right’s promising hope and change to get elected. And I’m sure this time around most of them did talk about change.

  3. in the pres. primaries some dems were worried about experience, sometimes overlooked. experience comes from many places, mostly from adversary incidents in life. when the dems turned down h. clinton they forgot about her experience. both parties have done that in history. do you want the new or the old ? our biblical history teaches that the ELDERS have experience to lead.