Election returns

Here’s our spot to talk about it.

I’ve a dilemma. I have picture in picture upstairs, and thought that would be the best choice, but the remote is unhappy. I changed the batteries. I think it’s more of a sticky button problem.

That’s ok. Elliot Spitzer has shown up on CNN’s election return panel. I have always really liked CNN election night coverage, but I won’t be watching it tonight.

So, that means I have permission to head downstairs and watch the big screen since I don’t need a second channel. Still never figured out what to have for dinner, and haven’t made it to the store in weeks, so I think it’s diet Coke and stale pretzels for me.

What do you think? Are you excited?

PS – I found almonds and made popcorn. Score!


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Shouldn’t the almonds discussed be in the next Post ?
    The election–too early but looking okay.

    Update: Perriello, a one term Democrat here in Virginia who Obama campaigned for this past weekend, has lost to Republican Robert Hurt. Not good for the Dems.

  2. Look ma! No teleprompters!

  3. Viva la Gridlock!

    We’ll talk more tomorrow. My remote and I are tucking in for the evening.