Train talk

So, the train’s a done deed. Or at least that’s what we’re told.

You know me, the constant cynic. I think this is so Scott Walker, former train fan under Tommy Thompson, will have to build the train but be able to whine it’s not his fault, darn it, that all that federal money is being spent in Wisconsin and creating jobs.

I’m still rather ambivalent about the train myself. I am riding it to Chicago next week. How nice it would be to drive a mile to do so, but I’m not wild about so much money into the hands of bureaucrats for more corruption.

Next to be seen is Brookfield’s Mayor Steve Ponto’s response. I bet the news will eventually come out that the facility and parking for a station will pay back in a short time and so the economic development of such a facility is good for Brookfield.

Yes, that’s exactly what I bet.


  1. Wilson828 says:

    Well, I was waiting for this post.

    I think it’s hilarious that this happened. Finally someone had some balls. Jobs. That’s what this is about now and in the future. Truly. For every dollar of economic investment there is a multi return of that investment into the local community. It’s great.

    They said about 500K in Wi tax support each year – let’s say it’s more like 750K. There are about 5.6M people in Wisconsin. And let’s say only 1/5 of us pay taxes. It’s just over a buck per taxpaying person. I can do that. I’m okay with that. As a matter of fact, I’ll be happy to pay the tax for the 10 people who will post here and complain.

    Wanna really save money and eliminate political bs? Eliminate the Lt Gov – size down state government. Go part time like other states.

    Well, time to go vote. I think of myself as a republican – but I’m voting for Barrett … why? Because Scott Walker is about Scott Walker not good government. Good government is about a balance of services against available resources and vision for a community with regard to community vitality.