Life on the political periphery

I’m not a player. I know that. There are some who swear I’ve burned so many bridges I’ll never be relevant. To that I disagree. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

(To which I will confess I dreamed last night that Brookfield Alderman Scott Berg won Jim Sensenbrenner’s congressional seat. Berg had been rumored to be leaving the game, but someone else mentioned they saw him at State Senator Elect Leah Vukmir’s volunteer thank you party, so I’d say he’s still in the game. And yes. It looks like I’m crazy after all.)

That said, here’s what I’m hearing on a day where everyone – including my youngest! – is talking politics:

Waukesha County Supervisor Dan Vrakas might be tapped to work in Madison for Governor-elect Scott Walker. Yes, Vrakas just said he’d run again. If Vrakas plays by the rules, we’ll know for sure in mid December when he’s required to file non-candidacy.

Shazaam! It never dawned on me Vrakas could have a home in Madison again, but I’ve been assured he and Walker are thick as thieves. (Oh, wait. Did I just say that?)

State Representative Jeff Stone (R-Franklin) is rumored to be the tap for Transportation Secretary.

Au revoir Brookfield resident Frank Busalacchi.

–A little birdie just told me there’s already talk of redistricting to give Republicans a better chance for picking up another assembly seat.

Isn’t that great!

That’s it. Three tips are all I can put together for you tonight. Happy post election glow everyone.


  1. The Lorax says:

    Well, I guess all is well and right in the world – Cindy is still dreaming of Scott Berg 😛

  2. I figured someone would enjoy that. He was mentioned to me yesterday, so it’s not like it was out of the blue.

  3. Cindy, Hasn’t there been talk throughout the campaign of all the jobs promised by Walker to others for supporting him? You should keep a running total of the rumored versus given positions Walker delivers. I’ve heard rumors of a guy local to my area being promised a big spot with a Walker win. Wondering how many others are out there, waiting in the wings, for their political transaction to be completed.

  4. No doubt more are waiting than will be transitioned.

    A job in an administration is something I wouldn’t enjoy. I don’t like the idea of my future being tied to the success of another. Too risky if you ask me.