Obama’s losing his grip

How else would you explain his desire to visit India at a cost of $200,000,000 a day?


Let’s put this $200,000,000 in perspective. For example, a liberal on Twitter and I got into it this morning over Meg Whitman’s spending for her California campaign. He said:

Meg Whitman’s personal spending on her campaign: $163 mil. Natl Endowment for the Arts 2010 budget: $161.4 mil.

So, one day in India for President Barack Obama is more expensive than both Meg Whitman’s campaign or the 2010 budget for the National Endowment for the Arts.

The City of Brookfield is about to spend $73 million to operate next year. Obama, every day, is causing as much to be spent as the city spends in two and a half years. I can’t figure out how long he’ll be gone on the four city tour. Four days and Brookfield could be set for a decade.

One day at home and the President could buy a basketball team instead. Congress could buy three more private jets.

I wonder when he’ll get it. We’re unhappy with him and his choices, but he doesn’t seem to care. Perhaps he plans to spend these next two (last two?) years spending as much as he can.

(The left is pushing back that $200 million is a false number. The first source above is an Indian paper. If it’s proven wrong, I’ll let you know.)


  1. Did you hear this one on Rush? You should really take more pride in the accuracy of your blog posts: http://factcheck.org/2010/11/ask-factcheck-trip-to-mumbai/

  2. No, I didn’t. I never listen to any of the squawkers.

    It’s funny we came up with the same basketball team! I can tell you how that happened if you’d like.

    What’s interesting is the left is pushing back, but the rebuttal is a simple “that’s not true” and nothing in the way of facts to repudiate. I did source an Indian paper. I will admit to this one being wrong if there is proof. “Because you said so” doesn’t count as proof.

  3. We should believe this story because an anonymous ” top official of the Maharashtra Government” said so?

  4. You believe anonymous sources in the MSM all the time. Why would you complain about this one?

  5. Sad observation: After reading this post and comments, I quickly sifted through my thoughts of which source was gut-check believable and trusted on this story. The Maharashtra Government,? MSM? Or our President’s office?

    Still stumped on where to throw the mental dart.

    That, in a cardamom pod, is the crux of the problem. Trust.

    I don’t trust what I hear here, anymore than some unknown, foreign source. Fix that Mr. President, and I may listen to your speeches.

  6. Well, Michele Bachmann says it so it must be true: http://cnn.com/video/?/video/bestoftv/2010/11/04/ac.bachmann.intv.cnn

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    I don’t think it will cost that much. The total would be $800 million for the four day stay. Published reports are that about 3,000 people are going with the President, including officials, business people and security personnel. Do I think this many people should be going–no. What I would like to see is who is included in this rather large delegation.

  8. “You believe anonymous sources in the MSM all the time.”

    Me? I’m assuming you wouldn’t make that claim without being able to cite at least one example?