Why it sucks to be Scott Walker this morning

You see, he went to bed the Governor-elect and woke up a man without excuses. Last night while I was sleeping it was confirmed both the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly turned Republican. Exactly like President Obama two years ago, Scott Walker has no safety net. Even more, Walker can’t even suggest he inherited a problem. The collective groan that would rumble across Wisconsin would push him off his throne.

I’m not sure Scott Walker can function without excuses. I have never seen supporters so willing to make those same excuses for a candidate. This morning any chance for hesitation has evaporated. Poof. Walker is drinking his morning beverage of choice in the land of accountability.

Hop out there and make it happen. End abortion in every case with no exception for rape or incest. While you’re at it, take out birth control in Wisconsin, too. Cut my taxes with the next budget. End the corporate tax in Wisconsin. Balance the budget that’s $3 billion in deficit. Stop the train. Oh, and find my kid his dream job. Heck, that should be easy. He actually graduated from Marquette.

Good luck! Let me know if I can help.


  1. I don’t think Walker will get it – that he is in over his head. He’d better not blow it. This is the one opportunity for a conservative agenda in Wisconsin. Everyone is watching and he’d best deliver.

    On another note, great choices in Florida! Rubio and West. They are the real up and coming for the GOP. You can see it in their demeanor. Some movin’ and shakin’ are gonna be happenin’.



  2. Walker has never been held accountable for anything he has ever done…so what makes you think that’ll change now? He blames everyone else for his failings. I hope he knows he can’t hide in Madison…because he still has some things to answer for here in Milwaukee County.

  3. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    In voting for Scott Walker, my hope is that he will carry his principles forward and be the best governor he can be. He now has a Republican controlled state legislature to work with, which will ensure his mandate is carried forward.

    No excuses now.

  4. I will be amazed and apologize to all of my right wing friends if he has no excuses when he does not get things done in Madison.

    I heard it last night already, ” now we need to wait two years to get Obama out then we can get things done.” .

    he had big promises and I fully expect him to start blaming doyle for every single problem around mid January if not before.

    As for the hold him accountable, i will believe that when I see it.

  5. Spouse specifically mentioned Walker’s habit of proposing a budget he knows won’t get passed and then making excuses as his reason not to vote for Walker.

    I expect, given the Republican control of both branches in the state, that he will “put up” exactly as Cindy notes above. However, with the end to contraception there will be many more births and hence many more mouths to feed. A good percentage of the births are to unmarried women with no partner support. So who do you think is going to support all those little urchins?

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m almost afraid to ask. How is the new governor going to end contraception ?

  7. Wilson828 says:

    I love this post. Made me laugh aloud.

    Fear not my friends, Mary Lazich, Queen of Slippery, will teach Scott the ropes on how to effectively work in Madison and be effective in the skills of Teflon-zee.

  8. Cindy. you nailed it. any Wi Governor has an uphill struggle.

  9. If he intends to create a quarter million jobs he might want to start getting a plan together. That’s 1200+ every week for the four years he’ll be in Madison