Who, Did What ? ***UPDATE***

Apparently someone named Keith Olbermann hosts an evening show on a network called MSNBC. I would have to assume this ‘MS…’ network is affiliated with the big Peacock NBC network as I read this Olbermann guy has been suspended by NBC. It appears this Olbermann guy donated $2400 to each of three Democratic candidates during the recently completed elections and this is a violation of NBC standards. Well, that’s news to me–that NBC has standards. Rumor has it that NBC would like nothing better than to rid itself of Olbermann as no one is watching his show anyway. Some reports go so far as to refer to this Olbermann guy as “the worse person in the world“.

Recently, I defended Juan Williams from his idiotic firing by NPR. Much of my reasoning was based on what other NPR personnel are saying and have said over the years–as well as where they said it. If no other NBC personnel are found or exposed to be ‘guilty’ of this donation violation, an argument can be made for Olbermann’s suspension. The policy itself can be questioned and even ridiculed at GE owned NBC, but that’s another issue. However, if time reveals that other NBC employees also violated this donation policy, and they have not been disciplined, it would indicate NBC to be no different from NPR, with one big exception. NBC, to my knowledge, receives no taxpayer assistance. They can manage their company as they please with whatever standards they wish, unlike NPR, a quasi-public organization.


You can’t make this stuff up. NBC picked Chris Hayes,editor of the Nation, as a fill-in replacement for Keith Olbermann. Apparently NBC then learned that Hayes has donated to a couple of Democratic candidates previously and promptly released him. So it appears that NBC’s policy is that anyone who has donated to any politician ever cannot be an anchor, or maybe even an employee, at MSNBC. It will be fun to watch this play itself out.


  1. I watched Olbermann every once in a while to see what the left was whining about. In fact, I had this on Wednesday:

    I’m watching Olbermann on MSNBC. Kind of a final election hurrah I suppose.

    7:12 PM Nov 3rd via HootSuite

    It turned out to be HIS last hurrah.

    (BTW, good morning sunshine. Yes, I’m up too. I have homework I didn’t finish.)

  2. Rachael Maddow makes a very intelligent case defending the decision to suspend her “colleague and friend”. While some will no doubt come to Olbermann’s defense as a result of steadfast loyalty, Maddow stands her ground on principle, that principle being that he violated a rule as set forth by his employer.

    Go to 4:20 in the video if you want to skip her remarks regarding commentators at Fox.


  3. Yeah it seems pretty cut and dry to me. The guy violated corporate policy.

  4. its all about ratings. hard to believe that a commentator in politics cannot contribute to politics. even corporations are now “people” albeit after every law school teaches they are a fiction created by law. not a big deal in the world we now live in.

  5. From the WSJ: ” Now, following that disclosure, MSNBC says Mr. Hayes won’t get the gig after all.”

    “following that disclosure” does not equate to “as a result of that disclosure”.

    Is Danny Yardon being intentionally misleading? Is the Pope Catholic? Is the WSJ a part of the news empire that Rupert Murdoch built? Does a bear …

    Straight from the horse’s tweet: “My not hosting tonight has *nothing* to do with several donations I made to two friends *before* I ever signed an MSNBC contract”