Cool It

There is a new documentary being released called Cool It by Bjorn Lomborg, a Swedish author who has written extensively on earth’s enviroment. The best way to describe Cool It is that it is the anti- An Inconvenient Truth. It would be my wish that every school that required or offered students to view An Inconvenient Truth should do the same with Cool It, but I know that won’t happen. It opens today at selected theaters around the country. Here is a trailer for the documentary.


  1. I’m assuming I would have a better understanding of the documentary if I were to first watch ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. Can we draw the line there, or would you recommend that I read the book ( The Lomborg Deception) that calls into question the book that calls into question the movie?

    Searching for the truth is complicated and very time consuming. I’m inclined to use the coin flip approach. Heads it is, tails it ain’t.

  2. Guess we won’t need to be hearing your arguments anymore. Heck, at least tell us whether the toss was heads or tails before you give it a go.