Planes, trains, and automobiles

If you’ve been under a rock, the TSA is taking a beating in the poll of public opinion today. Here’s the hashtag from Twitter. Here’s a continuing thread from I’ve decided to back off flying myself until it’s all settled out. My new rule? If it’s not free, I’m not going.

Day (who’s counting) of the stupid train debate in Wisconsin. Most of the links this morning were lamenting the train or threatening the end of Wisconsin if the train goes.

I’m begging you guys. Decide and be done with it. Please!

I’m driving new cars. I’ve got the fever, may have narrowed it down to a smaller SUV or crossover, only need five seats, hate 4-cylinder acceleration when getting on the highway but really want good gas mileage. I’d like to stay around $30,000.

I’m leaning towards a GMC Terrain because I’ve always bought GM cars, but found out today that the family discount only gets me $250 off the invoice price. Egads! I’ll bake you a pie if you find the perfect automobile for me. 🙂 (We’ve had some of this discussion at CK, but I didn’t offer a pie over there. Just in case you ever worry you aren’t my favorite.)


  1. I am no car expert, but if you don’t mind the appearance, you might want to consider a Subaru Outback.

  2. Was pleasantly surprised by the Ford Edge rental I had the other day. You may want to check it out, the Ford Freestyle isn’t too shabby either.

  3. Yes… Ford Edge is the Lincoln MKX I told you about. Dad is right … I love it… fits well… good milage…. it’s sorta like… the Mac .. Uverse.. other things I nag you about .. come into the light.. it won’t hurt. You’ll like it.

    About the train. We’ve discussed it. I’m done talking about it.

  4. Cindy, I’d seriously consider the Hyundai Santa Fe or Tucson. My husband bought a Sonata in February and is in love! This link might help as well:
    The Honda CRV takes the prize in this article so perhaps that is a contender for you, too. Besides, I’d love a pie!!!!

  5. Great link Pat. I’m going to spend some time reading it.

  6. I forgot about the Santa Fe .. I really liked that one too. My neighbor has a CRV … I ride in it often .. it’s an excellent car too.

  7. Well, since my anti spam word was ‘pie’, and that is my motivation to enter in to the discussion, I’m feeling confident I’ll get the baked delight.

    I sent a message to my ‘ inside the plant’ contact at GM to get input on your dilemma, and his gritty pros/cons of your choices. Hope he comes through with Consumer Report-like chops and delivers me a pie! Will keep you posted.

  8. Since I am hungry, I decided I really want that pie…. look at some reviews of the Outback… basically everyone that owns one is very happy with it:

  9. Had an Outback in Montana last year and I liked it. Put on almost a ‘K’ on the odometer. It handled well in the wide open spaces and the mountain roads in Glacier NP. It has a 6 as an option. It would get my vote.

  10. Nothing like a food contest to kick up the activity…

    OK. I deserve the pie. I have just called a great friend, with an Outback. A physician, world traveler, smarty-pants and baker. (I have promised to share said pie, if I win because of her testimonial.)

    She said, hands down, for safety alone, buy the Outback. She drives in snow, ice, across the state (Wisconsin) and to Michigan and Minnesota regularly. She said there are many times her car is handling the road conditions when all other cars are off the road. (She is a bit adventuresome as her most recent vacas in my memory include the deepest rain forests of Peru – she is a top class bird watcher – and the Antarctica. She just returned from Belize today, and picked up yogurt I make this AM, so the recommendation is fresh.)

    Back to the car. Both of her detailed obsessed brother-in-laws told her to get this car (one is building a self-sustainable , the other is some secret something something in DC in intelligence. I have already told you too much about him) after massive research on what car to buy.

    The car has saved her life. She could not be more emphatic in her recommendation.

    This friend deliberated as much as you, Cindy! 🙂

    But my personal advice: Buy the car you love. Whichever trips your trigger from the inside out, and behind the wheel. Recommendations from others are from their own vantage point.

    OK. Crown me the winner. I’m debating on which kind of pie now. May have to start a blog to get some input on my choices. 🙂 teeehhee.

    I am in suspense over your motoring selection.

  11. I love the Outback, but seating for 5 concerns me

  12. Why does seating for 5 concern you, Bdad? I was planning to switch from my seating for 7 to seating for five. Given my car is more likely to manage seating for 1 most of the time, I thought it was time to make the change.

  13. I meant fitting 5 (3 in the back seat) in an Outback. Bit tight compared to some of the other cars being discussed here.

  14. Got it. I probably wouldn’t ever have to do that.

    What about driver height? I can’t decide if I want to go lower like the Outback or stay up higher like a CR-V.

    You all realize that instead of narrowing my choices I’ve pretty much doubled, them, right? At this rate I’ll have everything test driven by next July.

  15. Randy in Richmond says:

    I am enjoying the discussion. Personally I believe buying a new car is a poor investment but all of your suggestions would apply to a one or two year old vehicle also.

    But as someone who lives in a state where unions are rare, I am surprised that extended family members of retired union workers all eligible for a discount, albeit small, on a new car from the retiree’s company. A rather unique benefit.

  16. Interesting point about buying a car a year or two old. It’s on the list of things to consider. As I explained – maybe on the other blog – I have been used to the family discount eating that drive-off-the-showroom-floor depreciation and letting me drive a new car for the price of one used for a year.

    Looks like those days are over, though.

  17. Randy in Richmond says:

    I agree. $250 would hardly cover that danged ‘Destination Fee’ here.

  18. Check Out The Ford Flex!!

    Union Made By Canucks!!!!

    I love Mine!!