Soliciting contributors to Fairly Conservative

Ever thought you wanted to vent? Like a good discussion? Can you talk to the other side without using vulgar language? You may be just what Fairly Conservative needs.

The blog has had contributors on and off in the past. I’d like to beef up the stable so I can spend more time doing those other things on my list. Besides, if you choose to contribute you can say quite literally that you were solicited by Cindy. 😉

Let me know…


  1. You out there Berg?


  2. C’mon Struppster. Do it.

  3. Oh, groan! That is not one of your better ideas Mr. Strupp.

  4. I’m available.

  5. Wait. But Zach, don’t you have a blog?

    I hadn’t really thought about it, but I guess if you are interested in getting yelled at (you see, you have to be nice, but they probably won’t play by the same rules) we could consider a blue tint to a post or two.

    What does everyone else think?

  6. Someone needs to balance out Randy.

  7. Having Zach guest post might set a good example for the folks in Washington…you know, reaching across party lines and working together. Could be interesting!

  8. If you want a blue blood progressive guest opinion you should recruit ( refuse to use The word ‘solicit’ on this one) my son to write.

  9. RL – by all means you should influence your son to join us here. We’re probably too slow for his type of political immersion, but I admit he would be a fine addition to Wisconsin’s chatter.

  10. I’d love to share my head-to-wall-banging techniques (typically occurring after political discourse with my boy) with you all. It would be a time issue, on his part, I fear. I’ll see if I can spark his interest in a FC open mic session, so to speak.

  11. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    I’d blog, but i’m worried about the black helicopters finding me.

  12. But Jonas, that’s the fun part! And running into all those people talking into their sleeves is cool, too. 😉

    You could stay anonymous, you know. I still don’t know who Randy in Richmond is after all this time.

  13. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Tempting, it is. I will think about it. I have lots to say.

  14. Score! As you can see, Ryan Morgan signed on to write here and there.

    Come on you all. A couple more and I’ll be free to goof off a bit.